Best Humidity Level for CPAP Machine

Best Humidity Level for CPAP Machine : Know More!

CPAP machines are useful in sleep apnea therapy. But the major fact is that the CPAP air from sleep apnea systems or machines is actually an irritant. As there are different brands of CPAP machines available in the market, the increased flow from such machines impacts every patient differently. Some patients may suffer from irritation and infection, while on the other side, some are more prone to extra mucous that may lead to congestion and sneezing. The negative effects of CPAP machines may start in the initial days of their treatment. This is why humidification plays a significant role, as it cuts down on irritation and helps in avoiding these symptoms.

Best Humidity Level for CPAP Machine
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Importance of a Humidifier for a CPAP User

While using a CPAP machine, users may have some common complaints, such as:

  • Feeling of sneeziness
  • Mouth becomes dry
  • The nose becomes runny and stuffy
  • The nasal passage has a feeling of burning that disrupts sleep patterns

Patients over 60 years are five times more likely to necessitate heated humidification. A CPAP user who has gone through 2 or more medications is 6 times more expected to go through heated humidification. Patients, sleeping in a cold room, may experience condensation. Moreover, patients who use a CPAP machine and have a chronic mucosal disease or experienced UPPP surgery, are 4 times more expected to get heated humidification. In all such cases, a humidifier is needed to use with a CPAP machine.

Buying a CPAP Humidifier

Today, most CPAP machines come with a fully integrated or simply attached humidifier. That’s why you need to buy the Best CPCP Machine in India that has a combined humidifier. With the use of a humidifier, a patient will see a great reduction in dryness in the throat and nose as it keeps the mouth closed while sleeping. So, a humidifier is beneficial to enhance comfortability while using a CPAP machine. When heated humidification is utilized with sleep apnea therapy, CPAP machine compliance is improved because there is a reduction in irritation and other symptoms. A patient will feel more refreshed after waking.

If you have already bought a CPAP machine that does not have a humidifier in it, then you can buy it individually. You can find a number of humidifiers that work with different models of CPAP machines from different brands. Compare online and get a suitable humidifier for your CPAP machine. If you are a new buyer of a CPAP machine, then make sure you buy a CPAP machine with a humidifier.

Adjusting the Level of a Humidifier

Some patients who are new to a CPAP machine, find cooler air easier to breathe during sleeping. They wear a full-face CPAP mask and many women may experience hot flashes while on the bed. But, warmer air offers the best humidity that lessens nasal irritation since a patient’s nose does not need to war all that the air from the CPAP machine on its own. Warmer air generally helps to increase humidity.

Due to any reason like a feeling of mouth dryness, if you want more humidity, manual settings can be done. Setting the humidity with complete knowledge is needed. You can set the humidity from 1 to 6 depending on your needs. The Best Humidity Level for Resmed CPAP is 3, which is a default setting. You can also have a word with a CPAP machine provider if you need more information about the humidity settings.

How to change your ResMed AirSense 10 Humidifier Settings

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