Best Retinoscope in India 2022

Best Retinoscope to Buy In the Indian Market 2022

Retinoscopy is a medical treatment for eyes using a retinoscope that helps to determine whether or not a patient needs a prescription. Retinoscope is a device that is held in the hands and is used by eye specialists to see your eyes are 20/20 or your eyes are having issues like difficulty in seeing things far away or close. It shines light back and forth in the eyes which helps doctors in determining if a patient needs a corrective lens or not by "dialing" the device so that the light can be focused appropriately at the back of the retina. This procedure is called Retinoscopy and the device used in this procedure is called a retinoscope. 

During the procedure, if the light is focused in the behind/front of the retina, you will have a condition called farsightedness or difficulty in seeing things that are in distance called nearsightedness. If you are determined with these conditions then you will get a prescription for the contact lenses or glasses. The majority of the time eye doctor can tell you about your condition using just a retinoscope. There are other equipment also used which examining your eyes to study the health of your eye and verify refractive errors that will need the patient to get contact lens or glasses.


How Does Retinoscope Work?

The procedure using a retinoscope is completely pain-free, though you might get water in your eyes when exposed to the retinoscope light. Retinoscope is a handheld examination tool for the eyes. It can automatically detect possible vision problems. Using Retinoscopy treatment is great when it comes to examining toddlers, infants, and people with disabilities or mental issues.

How Does Retinoscope Work?
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Different Types of Retinoscope in India

In India, you are going to find reputable brands from where you can buy a retinoscope of your choice.  The price tag and features are different, however, the majority of the Indian retinoscope is perfect for Retinoscopy. Below are a few highly researched retinoscopes from the Indian market with detailed reviews so that Indian consumers can compare and buy the best retinoscope.

Heine BETA 200 Retinoscope

Buying Heine BETA 200 Retinoscope is going to deliver you with total precision because of its highly advanced features. It is having metal controls, patented ParaStop, spot retinoscope by changing just its bulb. With its ParaStop technology, it gives an easy and precise selection of parallel beams. It holds an ergonomic design which makes it comfortable to handle even for a long time and protects the orbita of the examiner from stray light. It is having long-lasting metal controls and is absolutely maintenance-free as it is made with dustproof material. Also, includes long-lasting controls. It is having XHL Xenon Halogen technology with white light, bright, easy recognition of neutralized point, and bright fundus reflex. It is having an integrated polarization filter that eliminates stray light and internal reflexes fundus reflex.  Orange filter reduces patient dazzle without affecting fundus reflex.

  • ParaStop patented retinoscope
  • Has ergonomic shape
  • Metal controls
  • Maintenance-free
  • Integrated polarization filter detachable brow rest
  • You get an optional holder for fixation cards.

Heine BETA 200 Retinoscope comes with a BETA4 USB rechargeable handle and 3.5Vwith XHL Illumination. There is a USB cord and plug-in power supply. It offers easy detection of a parallel beam and is counted in the category of best retinoscope in India. You can buy Heine BETA 200 Retinoscope form Amazon also. It is among the best retinoscopy tool that includes plenty of great features at a reasonable price tag.

Welch Allyn Retinoscope

With Welch Allyn Retinoscope you get enhanced light output that makes easy refraction resulting in the production of the brightest, cleanest and sharpest streaks. Welch Allyn Retinoscope offers unparalleled performance in a compact design with user-friendly and convenient features. You are going to get a rechargeable battery handle, battery, charger, and a ring. You are going to get one year warranty with Welch Allyn Retinoscope. With the brand name, you can judge the quality as it offers what it displays. Very easy and clean with superior functions. Welch Allyn Retinoscope promises you accuracy and makes sure that your patients get the accurate Retinoscopy treatment. If you are looking for quality in a budget then Welch Allyn Retinoscope is going to be a great investment. Its features include

  • Optional crossed–a linear polarizing filter that can eliminate 99% of glare from trial lenses
  • External focusing sleeve that provides continuous rotation
  • 2.8X the superior and brightness streak quality versus standard retinoscope
  • Fits all Welch Allyn Retinoscope 3.5 V power sources
  • With the advanced streak quality, it provides quick and easy refractions
  • Sealed optics that keep dust away and the optics clean for effective examining of the patient's eyes

Welch Allyn Retinoscope is among the lower price tag retinoscope with features that are not going to disappoint you. Easily available to purchase at Amazon with free delivery and no EMI cost option. 

Streak Retinoscope

Streak Retinoscope is one of the most popular retinoscopes, which project into the eye of the patient a rectangle streak that can be accustomed in width and revolved in numerous meridians. There are 2 systems working in streak retinoscopy, such as projecting system and observation system. As its working is divided into two parts, let’s go through it in detail. The components used in the projection system are:

Streak Retinoscope
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Light Source : 

The source of the light is a bulb, which is a linear filament that develops a line of streak or light

Mirror :

It is used to bend the light’s path at a right angle to the axis of the handle. Hence, the beam develops from the Retinoscope head

Condensing Lens :

It is the lens, which is accountable for directing the rays from the bulb onto the mirror

Current Source : 

There is a battery in the handle acting as a current source and it is replaceable and rechargeable. When it comes to the handle, it is corded and attached to the electrical source

Vergence Control/focusing Sleeve : 

It is used to project the rays either converge or diverge.

When it comes to the observation system, its main purpose is to permit the observer to view the retinal reflex of the patient.

The streak retinoscope has both a converging mode and a Plano mode. Generally, this type of Retinoscope is used in most of the retinoscopy techniques and it must be used in Plano mode. This Retinoscope offers less illumination. It was invented by Jack C. Copeland, known as the father of the streak retinoscope. Copeland developed the first variable Vergence streak retinoscope and got its patent in 1927, initially, he had dropped and damaged the bulb on his previous invention, Wolff Spot Retinoscope. Since the growth of the streak Retinoscope, innovation has paved the way for strong and robust equipment.

Plane Mirror Retinoscope

Plane Mirror Retinoscope has many interesting applications to offer. It is majorly used to treat myopic defects of eyes in patients. It gives exceptional performance. When it comes to its manufacturing, it is made from premium quality material. The product is dimensionally accurate. Plane Mirror Retinoscope is a type of self-reflecting retinoscope.

Plane Mirror Retinoscope

The benefits of plain mirror retinoscope are mentioned below:

  • This type of retinoscope is cost-effective in nature as compared to other retinoscopes in the market
  • It is a simple type of retinoscope used in Retinoscopy

There are some demerits associated with this type of retinoscope, such as:

  • It requires a separate light source
  • Checking the amount and axis of the cylinder becomes very hard with this type of Retinoscope
  • It glares from that light’s source, which sometimes becomes annoying for a patient
  • The type of the beam, as well as, its intensity cannot be controlled or changed

Many dealers and manufacturers built this type of retinoscope. One can buy it online. Just look at various options of plane mirror retinoscopes available from lots of manufacturers and dealers all over the world. Going through its price range and getting the best one by going online should be your preference.

Reflecting Mirror Retinoscope

Reflecting Mirror Retinoscope uses a perforated mirror, where the reflection of the beam takes place into the eye of a patient and there is a central hole, with which the emergent rays enter the eye of an observer. The movements of the irradiated retinal areas are developed by tilting a mirror, which can be either a concave or plane. Reflecting Mirror Retinoscope is further divided into 2 categories, which are:

  • Plane Mirror Retinoscope
  • Priestly-Smith’s Mirror Retinoscope

Reflecting mirror retinoscopes are the most common ones when it comes to different types of retinoscopes in the market. Due to the high demand for these retinoscopes, they have become the most renowned retinoscopes among manufacturers and dealers. These retinoscopes are available on the web at different online stores. All websites have different prices to offer. When you are going to buy a reflecting mirror retinoscope, you just need to find a reliable platform to buy it and then compare the prices from different websites, getting the most value for your money. At the same time, it is also important to check the features of a reflecting mirror retinoscope from a particular brand. This way, you will be going to purchase a reliable reflecting mirror retinoscope.

Types of Retinoscopy

The type of the retinoscope you are going to buy depends on what type of retinoscopy you need to perform. There are 3 types of retinoscopy that can be performed. These are:

  • Static Retinoscopy is a type of retinoscopy, in which a patient is required to see a distant object while the accommodation is comfortable
  • Dynamic Retinoscopy is another retinoscopy, in which a patient is viewing a near object and in this type, the accommodation is active 
  • Near Retinoscopy is a type of retinoscopy, in which a patient is required to look at a near object when the accommodation is relaxed

Buying Tips For Retinoscope

While buying a retinoscope, you should keep some important points in your mind, these are:

  • Make sure a retinoscope has good optics. These instruments come with LED bulbs, which give bright illumination. The optics of the retinoscope should be free from unwanted reflexes.
  • A retinoscope should be ideally able to give you a converging, diverging, and a parallel streak of light.
  • It is important to pay attention to the ergonomics of the instrument. A sleeve should be accessible with 2 fingers of a single hand. It should be well-fit to your face.
  • Check the quality of the buttons and nobs.
  • Examine the source of the power

You may ask some questions to yourself while purchasing a retinoscope and get answers from a dealer you choose.

How to Do Retinoscopy


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