Best Handicap Scooters in India 2022 [Mobility Scooters]

Best Handicap Scooters In India 2022: Get An Ideal Aid!

Have you ever heard about a mobility scooter? Mobility Scooters are a great alternative for those who are suffering from disability in their movement but still are active. These scooters are suitable for a variety of health conditions including severe arthritis or stroke. Using a mobility scooter, a disabled person can get more sense of liberation as he or she can walk away and do their day-to-day activities on their own, without any external help. These scooters have emerged as an alternative for those people who need a wheelchair or other equipment. With a mobility scooter, a disabled individual can contribute to a more active lifestyle.

Best Handicap Scooters in India


Mobility Scooters and Their Needs

These scooters are proven blessings for disabled people as they provide them with a great sense of freedom and confidence. Moving around independently becomes easy for elderly and disabled people if they have a mobility scooter. Handicap Scooters are designed with a simple mechanism, where a seat is placed over the wheels and these are run by batteries placed under the seats. Batteries used in these scooters are rechargeable in nature. To add more comfort levels for a rider, there is an extendable footrest, giving them a chance to rest their legs in an easy and comfortable position.

The primary purpose of a handicapped scooter is to bring comfort to the people’s movement who have any kind of disability. These scooters have made the life of such people easy and more convenient as they can do their daily chores, ranging from picking up groceries, to visiting their friends and doctors, and many other activities.

Easy Move Medium Handicap Mobility Scooter

There are many brands offering Mobility Scooters all over the world. If you want to buy a mobility scooter in India, then the most popular and renowned brand is Easy Move. The company provides state-of-the art quality and CE-certified handicap scooters and power wheelchairs in India. These vehicles are used for outdoor and indoor purposes. They provide the most stable and safe handicap vehicles to ease their movement from one place to another and fulfill their daily needs. The specialty of this brand is that they offer only environmental friendly vehicles for senior citizens and elderly people.

Using these products, you will bring independence and freedom back into your life. There are different models offered by this brand catering to different needs and requirements of disabled people, as well as elderly citizens. One can choose the best model according to their budget and preferences. Going to the official website of this brand is the best idea to know more about the models and products offered by them.

Easy Move Medium Handicap Mobility Scooter is one of the best models of this brand and it is a medium-sized comfortable mobility vehicle when it comes to the range of the Easy Move. One can utilize it for outdoor and indoor use. It can be considered as an ideal replacement for a Side Wheel Attachment Scooter. Its features include:

  • Easy operation and fashionable design
  • Comfortable seat 360 degrees rotation
  • Seat forward/backward adjustable
  • Front suspension
  • Fully electrical or zero-emission
  • High intensity LED front and rear lighting
  • UK controller

Easy Move Small Handicap Mobility Scooter

Do you need a small mobility scooter to handle easily and safely? If yes, then Easy Move Small Handicap Mobility Scooter is the best option. This brand offers a variety of models when it comes to mobility scooters in India. You will get the below-mentioned features with this model:

  • One of the simplest models that can be simply installed. You can install it on your own, but if you need professional support for installation, then charges are applicable.
  • It comes with a UK controller feature.
  • It is a lightweight electric handicap scooter, which means that it can be easily taken from one place to another which makes maneuverability more comfortable.
  • The tires used in this mobility scooter comprised of pneumatic technology
  • It is a fully electrical mobility scooter with a zero-emission ability

Getting Easy Move Small handicap mobility scooter is an easy step as it is made available online at various retailer stores on the web. Due to its small-sized feature, it has become a highly popular and rated mobility scooter in India. Talking about the Easy Move Mobility Scooter range, it is one of the excellent performance-based vehicles you can opt for.

It supports both indoor and outdoor applications. If you go outside very often, then choosing this mobility scooter from Easy Move should be your call as it is much more safe and convenient to use than a motorized wheelchair. You can learn about its features online or by going to the official website of Easy Move.

Easy Move Two-seater Handicap Mobility Scooter

Two-seater mobility scooters are designed for those who are senior citizens or disabled, getting old with their disability, but still want to live their life with excitement and add spark to their boring life. With these 2-seater mobility scooters, they will get a pleasant ride every time. Of course, many models have plenty of storage so that you can keep your things with you while enjoying the ride.

Different companies offer a wide range of two-seater models. But when it comes to a performance-driven 2-seater mobility scooter, then Easy Move Two-seater handicap mobility scooter comes into your picture. Its features include:

  • It has a comfortable seating option, which means that it can rotate up to 360 degrees
  • It is equipped with back and front suspension
  • Fully electrical or zero-emission makes it an environment-friendly option
  • It comes with a UK controller and air tires of 13 inches
  • It is compact in size suitable for 2 people driving
  • Both seats can be adjusted in a backward or forward direction
  • It has an easy operation and fashionable design
  • It has an air spring with a quick adjustable angle tiller
  • It provides a high-intensity LED rear and front lighting feature
  • It has aluminum rims
  • It gives a long range of around 45km once it gets fully charged
  • It features a strong rear and front PU bumper

If you want to get this 2-seater model by Easy Move, just go online and make sure you compare its prices at different online portals so that you can get value for your money.

Mobility Scooters

As Handicap Scooters are beneficial for many people, but it is important to buy the right one based on your needs and preferences. With a number of mobility scooters in the marketplace, you may deal with some problems while choosing the right one. Going online and comparing different options is the best way to pick up the best handicap scooter in India. Check out different options of mobility scooters available:

  • Portable Travel Mobility Scooter

This option is ideal for frequent travelers, who travel frequently. Portable travel scooters are lightweight and compact. These are also known as foldable scooters, making them easier for transport. A portable mobility scooter can be easily moved from one place to another and can fit in tight spaces. Since it is the least expensive option, but for everyday use, you should not buy it.

  • Indoor Three-wheel Scooter

If a person needs a mobility scooter for home or office purposes, then it is the right thing to go with. This mobility scooter provides a tighter turning radius and has a narrow base. In limited spaces, these scooters are suitable for movements. Make sure you know that you should not consider its purchase when it comes to traversing rugged outdoor terrain.

  • Indoor Four-wheel Scooter

Comfortability is the major benefit of this type of scooter. The best thing about this scooter is that it provides sufficient seat size and legroom. It features a good battery life and rides at a good speed. As it has a large size, it will not move as easily as a three wheel scooter. But you will get enhanced stability and durability.

  • Outdoor Four-wheel Scooter

These have large motors and heavy-duty tires, which make them an ideal option for unpaved surface applications. One can consider it for outdoor usage because of backlit displays and headlights. 

Heavy-duty Scooter: It is good for larger framed individuals, having a weight capacity of 550 pounds. It features a wider base, a bigger motor, and big tires. If you want to ride on grass or any type of terrain, go for it.

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Electric Mobility Scooter {Buying Guide}

While buying an electric mobility scooter, there are many things you need to look for. Comfortability and maneuverability are of greater importance. Electric scooters do not rely on manual efforts to move. Check out the below-mentioned features to look for in an electric handicap scooter:

  • Assembled Weight

Upon the time of assembling, a mobility scooter weighs vary widely that may range From 40 kg to120 Kg. it should be assembled and transported easily, meaning it must be lightweight.

  • Ground Clearance

It is defined as the space between the undercarriage and the base of the tire. If there is a low clearance, it means that it is going to offer a stable ride. For outdoor uses, higher clearance is required to prevent damage to the scooter’s bottom. So, make sure you know for what purpose you need a mobility scooter.

  • The Type of the Tire

It must be solid, foam-filled, or air-filled.

  • Maximum Recommended Incline:

This defines the amount of an incline, with which a mobility scooter can climb safely. If you are considering the purchase of a mobility scooter for exit ramps and outdoor sidewalks, then this factor needs to be considered.

Performance is another thing to take into account. Once you compare different models of electric Handicap Scooters from various brands, then ensure you go through the performance of every scooter. The performance of an electric mobility scooter depends on the below-mentioned factors:

  • Weight Capacity:

Based on the manufacturer, how much weight an electric mobility scooter can safely manage to carry?

  • Operating Range:

It is defined as the distance a scooter can travel once gets charged a single time, which may vary from 8 to 15 miles.

  • Maximum Speed

The fastest speed an electric mobility scooter can ride is typically 4-5.5 mph.

  • Battery Charge Time:

How much time a scooter takes to recharge its batter once it gets completely drained, which may vary from as little as two hours to overnight. 

  • Warranty is also a vital thing that you should not overlook.

Different brands offer an extensive range of electric mobility scooters at cheaper prices. You just go online and go through the prices of electric mobility scooters along with their features.

4 Wheel Electric Scooter in India

There may be two options when it comes to choosing an electric mobility scooter, such as a 3-wheel and a 4-wheel mobility scooter. If we talk about the improved stability, a 4-wheel electric mobility scooter is much better than 3 wheeled scooters. 4 wheel scooters are configured much like vehicles with 4 wheels such as 2 for steering in the front and 2 drive wheels in the back. This is why it becomes more comfortable, stable, and ideal for managing a variety of terrains, such as short stretches and curbs of gravel or grass.

Four-wheel Mobility Scooters are beneficial for those who may deal with poor balance. Due to their intensive uses, these are often faster, larger and capable of longer distances. These are most expensive than the three-wheeled counterparts. But there are some drawbacks too, such as these are less maneuverable or may not be, based on the unit’s size, good for use on public transport or indoor areas. Another feature of a 4-wheel mobility scooter is its lightweight that can be moved more easily than heavy-duty mobility scooters. Providing maximum comfort is its excellent feature, as its deep seat cushion can be adjusted without any hassle.

Before purchasing any of them, it is important to consider benefits for every type. Consider your preferences and needs before buying. Comparing both of them online will give you a complete idea and eliminates your confusion about what you need or what you must buy that suits your situation.

Electric Scooter for Disabled in India

For handicapped individuals, confinement can be the most depressing situation that they can experience. Nobody wants to get restricted in a room for a long time, especially when it is not necessary. Of course, there are walkers and other equipment, which are a great tool for those who have balance problems or requiring more support. When it comes to long distances, walkers are not enough, they require more than that. This is why electric mobility scooters came into existence. The benefits of an electric mobility scooter in India are:

  • Give a sense of independence to handicapped or disabled persons
  • Provide safety to disabled people from falling that walkers may not
  • These are perfect for longer distances, with which they feel confident and independent
  • Disabled people do not exert more, exertion is becoming more challenging for them. A mobility scooter gives extended help to those who have disabilities in the legs or upper body, weak upper body strength.
  • With these scooters, a disabled person can keep themselves more mobile
  • The major reason for a disabled person to choose an electric mobility scooter is faster healing and recovery. As a handicapped person will go outside and stay mobile, then he/she will recover faster as a scooter can keep strain off the body, joints, and muscles.

Tips to buy an Electric Mobility Scooter

Getting expert suggestions will give you additional help while buying a handicapped scooter. But there are some valuable tips that you can consider while its buying, it will be of greater support to you. These are:

  • Think about the storage area, where you want to store it
  • Decide what type of mobility scooter you require
  • Know your personal needs like whether you want to have extra legroom or seat. Consider weight restrictions also
  • Make sure you are familiar with the fact where you will be going to use this scooter
  • How many wheels you would like to have in a mobility scooter and what type of wheels you want? It depends on where you want to ride it like pavement, terrains, indoor areas, etc.
  • How far do you need to take a mobility scooter? Check the distance you need to cover it. Whether you want it for daily or occasional use. While considering its range, other factors like the age of the battery and your weight are also important to keep in mind.
  • It would be good if you shop around and get its trial before its purchase. Once you are happy and satisfied with its trial, then you should buy it.
  • Compare the prices both online and offline. These days, considering the online shopping can help you save money.
  • While ordering a mobility scooter, you may ask some questions to a dealer, supplier, or retailer. These questions may include its warranty, assembling procedure, time of delivery, how to arrange repairs if needed.
  • Last but not the least, insurance also plays a great role while buying it. Some manufacturers offer an insurance cover, which may accidentally damage, theft, and public liability.

Online reviews are also helpful to you, you may read them. With this proper guide, one can get a valuable piece of a mobility scooter, buy it now.


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