Best Hospital Bed in India

Best Hospital Bed in India 2022

In India, you are going to find high-end hospital bed manufacturers from where you can buy durable and quality supplies. They have perfectly designed beds that can provide complete comfort to the patients. While a person is lying on the hospital bed he needs comfort, relief, and convenience which these hospital beds can provide.

Every hospital needs hospital beds and in some cases, hospital beds are installed at homes for a sick family member. Sometimes it becomes an essential commodity. These beds are manufactured with high-end features which help in improving blood circulation, caregivers can move patients body with ease as these beds can be adjusted properly.

Best Hospital Bed in India

Key Highlights

  • Buy beds with compound proportions and ranges
  • Hydraulic height amendments
  • Stipulation of telescopic IV rod with four Spots
  • Perplex textile made with PVC
  • Beds with placid steel casing
  • MS powder encrusted tubular head & foot bows of lopsided height
  • Puncture CRC sheet duly machine press bent

There are different styles and types available with brands in India such as electric and manual beds. For home placements of hospital beds, you also get a footboard and headboard. With Indian manufacturers, you can buy hospital beds that can improve and provide both patient and caregiver experience.

There are world-class beds available which ideally suits the growing needs of healthcare facilities. These beds are manufactured using advanced technologies and raw materials of the best quality. Today in the modern age you are going to get beautiful beds with amazing features. Every clinic, hospital and home can trust their Indian manufacturers. There are different options such as

  • Semi flower bed
  • Hospital general bed
  • Labour delivery beds
  • Hospital attendant beds
  • Hospital flower beds
  • Flower beds with over bed table

There is a wide range of hospital beds that can be purchased according to the patients and medical care needs. These beds have a variety of features like adjustable and hydraulic systems, leg, seat, and backrest sections with hand livers; brakes, etc. today you can also buy customized foot and headrest that can blend with the home decor.


What is a Hospital Bed?

In the hospital, you will find specialized beds which are designed for the comfort of the patients. Patients can deal with their ailment or sickness resting on their hospital beds without experiencing too much strain about their condition.  Hospital beds meet all the ergonomic standards for optimum musculoskeletal support. There are even mattresses and frames along with hospital beds for complete safety, comfort, and faster recovery of the patients.

Below are the different brands and models listed in the best category.

KosmoCare Premium Imported 2-way adjustable Hospital Bed

A hospital bed is a very basic need if you are having a bedridden patient at home and in the hospital. Needless to mention a sick person cannot take the stress and needs as much comfort as we can provide them and this helps them in recovering better. KosmoCare Premium Imported 2-way adjustable Hospital Bed perfectly fits such needs because it is designed to do so. This hospital bed is made to primarily deliver comfort to the patients. You can trust this brand and it has plenty of features to offer which are mentioned below.

Features of KosmoCare 2-way adjustable Hospital Bed

  • First of all, this model is a manual hospital bed which you can also place at home
  • This bed is adjustable its upper part can elevate up to eighty degrees and the leg can elevate up to forty degrees
  • Its frame is made with steel frame and is powder-coated
  • The weight of this hospital bed is 175kgs with solid frames that guarantee user safety
  • It is having collapsible guard rails made with aluminum 6" castors that provide optimal and smooth movement
  • It is having locking system that helps caregivers stress-free and sure safe care giving
  • It includes detachable ABS head and footbed boards

This manual bed is perfect for hospitals and even home care for patients as it is equipped with hand cranks and adjustable bed height. When it comes to offering comfort to patients and ease to caregivers KosmoCare Premium Imported 2-way adjustable Hospital Bed is an amazing choice.

P.M.P.S. Semi Fowler Dlx Manual Hospital Bed

When it comes to buying a hospital bed for someone in your family then it can be quite confusing. You can also make mistakes if you are not having any knowledge and end up wasting a pretty amount of your money. P.M.P.S. Semi Fowler Dlx Manual Hospital Bed is ideal for home care.  It is having standard size; the mattress is not included, there are no bed rails but can be included if required.  If you are working on a tight budget then P.M.P.S. Semi Fowler Dlx Manual Hospital Bed can offer huge relief as it fits perfectly in your budget and offers complete comfort to the patient

Features of P.M.P.S. Semi Fowler Dlx Manual Hospital Bed

  • Height can be adjusted according to the patient's needs
  • Pan India delivery facility
  • Accessories available like ABS head/footboard
  • A four-inch comfortable mattress is also available for the patient
  • One function bed operated manual handle for elevation

P.M.P.S. Semi Fowler Dlx Manual Hospital Bed comes with a mattress that offers adjustable massage measures that can promote blood circulation and also stimulates tissues throughout the body.  A hospital bed offers a good amount of firmness in case of sore muscles.

P.M.P.S. Semi Fowler beds can be adjusted in positions according to the patient's comfort. It has a manual handle for physically capable patients. P.M.P.S. Semi Fowler Dlx Manual Hospital Bed can be compared with other models and brands online for a better choice when it comes to a hospital bed.

CosmoCare Semi Fowler Bed

If your family member is prescribed a hospital bed and you are in a confused state then CosmoCare Semi Fowler Bed is where your search ends. It is a hospital bed manufactured for home use. It is exactly similar to the beds you see in the hospital.  It is not having any rails or electric adjustments. You will need to manually operate CosmoCare Semi Fowler Bed. It can be elevated from head and foot positions. Patients who require hospital beds with no extra features like side rails will find it ideal for their patients.  It is a simple hospital bed that is designed for patients who need home care, however on a hospital bed.

CosmoCare Semi Fowler Bed features

  • It can be elevated but its elevation is lower than the flower position and might include the foot of the bed to rise at the knee to bend the legs
  • Its size is 2060Lx900Wx600H in cm
  • Top manufactured with perforated M.S. Sheet
  • For backrest it can be a maneuver by screw handle positioned at the foot section
  • Its finish is powder-coated
  • The overall weight of the bed is 42 kilograms which makes it light and easy to place in your homes

CosmoCare Semi Fowler Bed is also ideal for clinics and can be raised between fifteen to forty-five degrees. If you are looking for a hospital bed that is not heavy or large enough then CosmoCare Semi Fowler Bed is all that you need to place at your home for your patient.

Hospital Bed for Home

If the patient is prescribed with hospital bed then he or she might be suffering from real sickness which cannot be avoided. Hospital beds are special types of beds that are designed to provide complete comfort to the patient and their needs.  With a hospital bed you can provide the patient with a comfortable, safe, and stable environment at home where they can heal, rest, recover faster via receiving home care. Hospital beds are completely different from beds we have at home, but today we can find versatility while buying a hospital bed.

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Buying Hospital Bed

Today you will find different designs, sizes, styles from Indian manufacturers and it can be overwhelming to choose from a plethora of sections. You must buy the one that is right for you because it is a matter of the health of your loved one. There are different types of hospital beds and you must buy the bed doctor has recommended you with.

Manual Beds:

These beds need manual handling using a hand crank located either at the foot or head side. These beds are lower priced and are great solutions for a patient who needs less positioning.

Semi-electric Hospital Bed:

It is having both electric and manual adjustment and is best for both requirements between electric and manual bed. It is ideal for patients who need much adjustment but cannot afford full electronic hospital beds.

Electric Hospital Beds:

These hospital beds are completely electric and can be adjusted with the touch of one button. You also get a remote for operating the bed so that patients can themselves adjust the height and other features without any discomfort. It is great for old patients and bedridden patients. Even caregivers find it easy to provide care to patients as it requires less physical strength.

How to Pick?

When you need to buy a hospital bed you just have to follow the needs of the patient requiring a hospital bed.  Check the security of the bed, level of support, adjustable features, and budget. Today there is a wide array of hospital beds available which you can compare and buy according to your needs.

Fowler bed

Indian manufacturers have an innovative range of hospital fowler beds that are sturdy, comfortable, and ideally supportive of patients' needs. These beds have diverse adjustment options making it extremely comfortable for the patients. Knees, backrest position can be easily maneuvered with a separate screw at the foot end. There is a huge range of fowler beds available with collapsible safety side railings.

Fowler beds are ergonomically designed and have advanced features to offer precise comfort to the patients. It is having an individual, simultaneous, and central braking system. There is ABS or stainless steel which is utilized for the foot and head panels. These beds are equipped with collapsible or lifting side rails that make sure that the patient is safe. There is an extensive range of flower beds with Indian manufacturers and you can buy the most suitable ones.

Features Overview

  • 4 pieces individual side rails
  • 4 locations for IV Rod
  • Holder for urine bag
  • The finish is an epoxy or pretreated powder coated

Fowler hospital beds are specially designed for the hospital or clinical uses. The sizes and dimensions of such beds are large which makes them difficult to be placed in homes.

Hospital Patient Bed

When patients have prescribed hospital beds they need to be as comfortable as possible. On the other hand side, it is also imperative that the people who are providing care to the patients are also comfortable. Hospital Patient Bed has essential elements that are helpful for both the patients and the caregivers.

These beds are easy to adjust, move, have brakes for safety, and have many other features.  The choice of the bed will depend totally upon the patient's needs such as old people with Alzheimer's will need a low bed and reclined head section. Then there are patients with fewer movements after surgery or accident that can operate electric hospital beds on their own to adjust head or footrest.

Different models have different features designed for the comfort of the patients. Patients must feel secure without feeling trapped and this is why you will see a huge range of hospital patients beds so that people can choose an ideal bed according to the patient's needs. With an ideal hospital patient, bed-suffering people can recover faster and offers to convince all those who are involved in the task of caregiving.

Tips to Buy Hospital Bed

  • Look for desirable features like height adjustment, tilt feature, side rails, etc
  • There are different designs available and one can choose a suitable design
  • A renowned supplier  will offer you value for your money
  • Look for top-notch quality as a hospital bed is going to be a onetime investment
  • If the patient is prone to falling then  buy a low bed
  • The choice of mattress is as important as  the hospital bed

A hospital bed offers more than just comfort sleeping so make sure that you buy a bed that fulfills all the patient needs and also fits in your budget. Fortunately, Indian manufacturers have everything to offer.


Even healthy people can suffer from discomfort and pain lying in their daily beds for a long time. This can give you an idea of how important a hospital bed is especially if it is prescribed to any of your family members. Hospital beds are designed to improve the quality of life of patients who are bedridden or suffer from limitations because of their sickness.

Fortunately, we have a wide array of hospital beds in the Indian market which can offer precise support in providing care to the patients. Hospital beds have medical benefits and help the patient recover faster and experience comfort while they are in the hospital or home receiving treatment for their illness. There are both online and offline shopping options available from where you can take advantage of comparing features and processes of hospital beds. Make sure you are buying the right hospital bed so that your loved one can heal faster.

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