Best Electric Wheelchair in India [Power Wheelchair]

Best Electric Wheelchair In India : Explore Your Options

A wheelchair is a lifeline for those who cannot move around and provides mobility to them. Many people are injured, disabled, or facing illness due to which they cannot move around. With wheelchairs, immobile people can lead independent and active lifestyles without the help of others.

Today many different types of wheelchairs available are crafted according to the user's requirements. Today you can buy power, electric, manual wheelchairs. Manual types are propelled manually with hands and the Motorized Wheelchair has motors that provide motion. Electric wheelchairs are expensive as compared to manual ones because of the simple features they have. Manual wheelchairs can be stored even in small spaces as they can be easily folded and can also be taken along in car trunks.

Best Electric Wheelchair in India

Electric wheelchairs offer ease and there is no need to depend on others if you are having an electric wheelchair because it makes you self-reliant. It is also having better suspension and maneuverability that absorbs bumps and you can travel safely.

Some brands let you test your electric wheelchairs before you buy them so that you can test them on your own. Users face different disabilities and this is why the needs are also different and by testing different wheelchairs they can get hold of the control systems which suit their needs the best. There are even customizing options to fit the physical needs of the users.

No. Electric Wheelchair Capacity Single Charge Buy Now
2. Gvs Oxygen Electrical Wheel Chair 100 Kg 20 Km
3. KosmoCare Duramate Power Wheelchair 100 Kg 20 Km
4. Vissco Zip Lite Power Wheelchair 100 Kg 12 Km
5. Cosin Battery Operated Wheel Chair 120 Kg 20 Km
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List of Top 5 Best Electric Wheelchairs in India [Power Wheelchairs]


EVOX is among the most trusted brand in the Indian market and can deliver exactly what you are looking for. EVOX RECLINING WHEELCHAIR (WC104) is among its best models that deliver reclining features making it the most comfortable and relaxing wheelchair. For a good price, you can enjoy every feature the best wheelchair has to offer. There are ample options to enjoy and this product is having impressive features such as

  • You get a remote control  to  operate your wheelchair
  • It is having Taiwan imported breaks
  • Both electric and manual modes available with a removable battery option
  • It has recline features such as can be adjusted  to a 45-degree angle and its footrest can be
  • elevated up to a 60-degree angle
  • Controllers can be easily  exchanged from right to left side
  • Comes with one year  warranty  and all the parts are covered under the warranty

EVOX RECLINING WHEELCHAIR (WC104) is close enough to a reclining sofa and provides royalty and comfort.  Your family member deserves the best and this model is great for those who cannot move on their own but cannot sit in one place also. It is having all the safety features so there is nothing to worry about.

2. Gvs Oxygen Reclining Electrical Wheel Chair

Gvs Oxygen Reclining Electrical Wheel Chair is lightweight, comes with a foldable structure and portability-like features. It is having a removable battery box for convenient charging every time, it has a detachable and adjustable footrest, fill-up armrest, rear wheels drive with 2 motors, and with a joystick, you can easily control your wheelchair.

It is extremely easy to operate. People in hospitals, old people and who cannot move on their own will find it a great option. It reduces dependency and the patient will enjoy a high level of confidence with a wheelchair of this level of functionality. It can also be used for traveling long distances without compromising comfort as it is propelled by an electric motor.  Its features include

  • It is portable and easily foldable
  • Safe for traveling long distance
  • Easy to assemble, dismantle and operate
  • Removable battery to charge it conveniently
  • Rear-wheel drive with 2 motors
  • Adjustable and detachable footrest
  • A controller can be easily exchanged
  • Flip-up armrest
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

You can shortlist Gvs Oxygen Reclining Electrical Wheel Chair because of the amazing features and comfort it is going to deliver. You can buy it from Amazon for instant delivery.

3. KosmoCare Duramate Lightweight Foldable Power Wheelchair

KosmoCare Duramate Lightweight Foldable Power Wheelchair has everything you need to make your life comfortable on a wheelchair. It is lightweight, durable, offers great functionality, and has performed above all. It can hold a weight of up to 100kg, has a frame made of aluminum, and is lightweight, which is 23kg.

It is equipped with safety features such as an anti-tipper and seat belt to ensure the safety of the user. There is a back pocket for storage and is an ideal option for anyone looking for a performance in their wheelchair with no compromise on any feature. Its features include

  • It takes 4-5 hours charging time
  • It is waterproof and easy to maintain
  • It is made with aluminum and is extremely light in weight
  • It has lithium batteries with a 20km travel range
  • It has a joystick that makes it easy to operate for all alike
  • It can bear 100kg maximum  weight
  • Seat width is 18 inches  and its self-weight is just 23 kg  making it light in weight
  • It has a 10Ah battery with a power of 1*250W

There is  a fixed armrest, drop back handle and flip-up footrest which can be stored or used  as per the needs

4. Vissco Zip Lite Power Wheelchair

This wheelchair gives you an ideal solution when it comes to getting a cheaper wheelchair model. People who have walking disorders or are handicapped can choose this wheelchair. If you want a lightweight wheelchair to sit on and relax, then Vissco Zip Lite Power Wheelchair is a right option to consider. It has a weight-bearing capacity of 100kg.

It will make you feel comfortable with its double seat cushions, detachable leg-rest, foldable backrest, flip-up armrest, and many other interesting features. It also has a fire retardant upholstery. It can operate up to 12km in a single charge. You will get all the essential functions required in a motorized wheelchair.

If you are dealing with stability issues like balancing, post paralysis, post-surgery, spinal injury, walking disorders, legs injury, and pelvic injury, then get this wheelchair right now. Its amazing features include:

  • Flip up armrest
  • Pneumatic pump
  • Simple to use controller
  • Battery powered
  • Controller can be moved from one armrest to the other

Vissco Zip Lite Power Wheelchair gives you a larger base of support. Using this wheelchair can help you move freely so that you can get complete independence. Just go online and look for cheaper sites and buy it right now.

5. Cosin Electric Battery Operated Wheel Chair

When it comes to a motorized wheelchair, it is another option in the list of the best wheelchairs available in the industry. It runs on a 24v 12ah lead-acid battery and can operate over 20km. it can give you a manual override system, which lets you easily push it manually when power mobility is not needed. See the list of its interesting features:

  • It has a 360 degree smart controller that help you control it either left or right with enhanced sensitivity
  • The best part is that it has 16” rear and 10” front puncture-free wheels, which make it look stylish and simple
  • You will also get USB charging port in joystick that help you charge your mobile without any hassle
  • Using its lightweight and foldable steel frame, you will easily move it in any direction
  • It is equipped with dual flip up arm rests that provides you easy entry
  • At the same time, you will get washable cushions, which are breathable and comfortable as well
  • Its frame is lightweight made of steel painted with metallic design. it looks very durable and strong and it has a greater level of elasticity shock absorption feature

Buy this wheelchair for enhanced safety and comfort.

Best Powered Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs are designed in such a way that it offers easy accessibility to its users; its versatile use and comfort features are appreciated by both the users and their family members. Electric Motorized Wheelchair has revolutionized many lives. People with temporary disabilities are also using wheelchairs so that they can move freely when there is no one nearby.

There are power wheelchairs which are best for people with hand, arm and shoulder disability and cannot use manual wheelchairs.  Users can control speed and directions on their own as there is a joystick which makes the task easy. There are other features like seat elevation, tilting, and reclining which make power wheelchairs popular among disabling people.

Technology is advancing day by day and this has also made the life of disabled people easy. Today wheelchairs are not just used to travel from one point to another. Some people have been participating in sports using their wheelchairs. There are many sports like wheelchair tennis, wheelchair racing, wheelchair basketball, and wheelchair skiing like sports.

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For participating in such sports there are customized wheelchair options available. There are many popular Indian Lightweight Electric Wheelchairs Folding models as well as other brands which people can buy and make their life easy and enjoy the freedom. There are many accessories, equipment, ramps, and vans also available with Indian brands. There are many automated systems available that make impossible things possible for disabled people. There are brands like Saamipya, Arcatron, Livpure, and many other Indian brands from where you can buy a wheelchair at a decent price tag.

Buyer's Guide for Electric Wheel Chair

Many medical conditions leave humans completely immobile such as paralysis. In such conditions, you can rely on an electric wheelchair and before that, you will need all the knowledge you can gather about the brands, models, and which are going to be the best investment for your condition.  Many Indian brands are selling different types so your thorough research about the product will prevent bad decisions. Here is the user's buying guide for a wheelchair. There are many options available to make sure that you compare all the models and types to buy that suit your condition the best. 

Buying Electric Wheelchairs

If you are interested in buying an electric wheelchair then there are pretty options in the Indian market that you can look into. There are heavy-duty, folding, travel, and center wheel drive electric wheelchairs in the category. Then there are several factors to consider while you choose the best electric wheelchair for your patient.

How Much is your Weight?

If your weight is nearby 300lbs then a power wheelchair with a similar capacity is not the right option for you. If you are around 200lbs then you can choose to buy an electric wheelchair with a capacity of 300lbs. you must always look for the capacity and measure your weight accordingly. You can go for a heavy-duty or standard electric wheelchair.

Where you will be using it?

There are wheelchairs which you can use both indoors and outdoors. You must know where you will be using and on which terrains you will be going on with your power wheelchairs. You will need a tough heavy-duty wheelchair in case the terrains near your home are not easy to move on.

Will you be Transporting it often?

Some people might be suffering from a condition where they cannot stand on their feet again. To travel from one place to another they might need to take their wheelchairs along. If you will be transporting it often then go for a foldable option or motorized wheelchair. Some models are light in weight and are ideal options for traveling.

Comfortable Seat Size

This is going to be one of the most important factors that you must look into. Because the seat is not comfortable your wheelchair will not be of any use. The seat size like width, you can look into the measuring guide of the wheelchair to get the right size of the seat.

These are the few things which you must know before you buy an electric wheelchair. A wheelchair is a device that will help you move around without the help of others. It might be a lifetime investment for your freedom so you cannot just purchase any wheelchair you come across.

Your comfort, seat size, indoors/outdoors use are some important considerations. There are also customized options and equipment you might need to buy in addition.  Always check the wheelchair guide to know about all the factors and then go for buying it.

Electric Motorized Wheelchair

With the invention of the Electric Motorized Wheelchair, many lives have got back their freedom and deliver great benefits to the disabled. There are different types of powered wheelchairs available like front-wheel powered and rear-wheel powered which you can buy according to your needs. Front-wheel-powered is best for indoors and the rear wheel powered are extremely popular for outdoors.

Not only disable but sick people who cannot move on their own can use electric wheelchairs and enjoy mobility without depending on others. There are different types for all like for adults and kids. There are also different features and styles available in the Indian market to suit the needs of the users accordingly. 

Mostly you can look for electric wheelchairs online where you can compare the features and price easily. There are foldable, portable, lightweight, and heavy-duty electric wheelchairs which will need a comparison to find the right one for your disability needs. The motor is activated with batteries and there is a joystick with which you can control. Sometimes there is a hand controller, or sack also available.

You can elevate your seat with controllers and even tilt the wheelchair. Today you can also get customized options with a modern powered wheelchair. With the advancement in technology, you will get many great options that can give you your freedom back. Compare the best models to know about the features of electric wheelchairs. Also, look for equipment and accessories to make your wheelchair more comfortable.

Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

When you need to buy an electric wheelchair there are some things that you must pay attention to such as your physical requirements and budget. This will influence your decision of buying an electric wheelchair. Lightweight Electric Wheelchair is best for travelers and explorers who cannot sit home due to their disabilities.  There are pretty models which are lightweight and can be easily transported from one place to another. Electric chairs have huge advantages over manuals ones and this is why they are very much in demand. They have features mentioned below

  • They are not restricted to areas
  • Have immense propelling versatility
  • Have more turning maneuverability
  • Offers freedom
  • Requires less exertion
  • Light in weight

If you need to move daily movement or need to move long distances then this type is going to be a wise investment.  You can explore your options online or take advice from others to know more about the concerns, features, and helpful advice. There are Indian wheelchair brands that offer trials so that individuals can meet their needs.

There are heavy duties devices included, require constant maintenance, and are also expensive as compared to the manuals one. In the category, you will find different models and sizes so make sure to explore your options before buying.

You can also add motorized components to them to make them more comfortable and adaptable to your traveling needs. Lightweight wheelchairs can be easily transported or lifted with the help of motorized ramps.

Foldable Power Wheelchair

With a Foldable Power Wheelchair, you will never be confined to your dwellings and will enjoy all the independence and freedom. Today there are different models and types available that can suit your needs and budget. Finding the right type is a huge necessity so make sure that you know what you are looking for.

For example, you must know where you will use your chair, how much time you will be spending on it, locations you will be traveling, and even your condition. If you need to travel then the foldable chair is an ideal option for you. Foldable chairs are designed in such a way that you can easily transport them are of great usability and maneuverability.

To keep them manageable and small they are limited with features, however, still you get customized options with some brands. They are similar to non-electric chairs when it comes to looks and can be easily folded to fit in small spaces.

They are designed to be light in weight but there is no compromise done when it comes to usability and functionality. Indian brands are offering different models in the category with years of experience in delivering exactly what you need when it comes to Foldable Power wheelchairs.

These are designed to keep the comfort of the users in mind and have a footrest, folding backrest, and foldable trays-like features. There is an impressive range available that can help you travel miles without losing your comfort.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is the Best Portable Electric Wheelchair?

Cosin Electric Power Wheel Chair and KosmoCare Duramate Foldable Power Wheelchair are the Best Portable Electric Wheelchairs.

What is the Lightest Electric Wheelchair?

Cosin 180b Electric Power Folding Wheelchair is lightest wheelchair. Weight with battery is approx 45Kg and Without Battery Approx. 37 Kg

Which Power Wheelchair is Best?

There are different Wheelchairs brands. Evox Reclining WheelChair and GVS Oxygen Electrical Wheel Chair are the Best. Vissco Zip Lite Power Wheel is the Top Selling Brands.

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