Best Hernia Surgeon In Delhi

Treat Hernia With The Best Hernia Surgeon In Delhi

Are you dealing with a hernia? You might be looking for its cure or treatment. But firstly, it is important to understand what hernia actually is and how it can be treated. A hernia is a condition, which takes place when part of your inside swells. It may occur due to weakness or opening in the muscle or tissue barrier containing a hernia. A hernia can take place slowly with time. When a person gets older, regular wear and tear on muscles start to add up.

Most hernias involve one of the abdominal organs, which push through one of the walls of the abdominal activity. Sometimes, a person can experience a hernia because of surgery, injury, or birth disorder. But there is nothing to worry about hernias as you can get them treated with the help of the Hernia Specialist Doctor in Delhi.

Best Hernia Surgeon In Delhi

List of Best Hernia Surgeon In Delhi

Name : Dr. Kapil Agrawal
Address : Kailash Colony Metro Station,
 A-19/A, Near, Kailash Colony Rd,
 New Delhi, Delhi 110048
Opening Hours :  
Contact No :  09910024564
Website :
Google Map Location : Click Here

Name : Dr Pradeep Dewan
Address : Max Super Speciality Hospital,
 108 A, Near Sai Mandir, I.P. Delhi,
 Nyu Deli, I.P.Extension,
 Patparganj, Delhi, 110092
Opening Hours :  
Contact No :  09810056563
Website :
Google Map Location : Click Here

Address : Sir Ganga Ram Hospital,
 Old Rajinder Nagar,
 New Delhi, Delhi 110060
Opening Hours :  
Contact No :  09971007627
Website :
Google Map Location : Click Here

Address : Private OPD Room No. F- 31
 Sir Ganga Ram Hospital,
 Old Rajinder Nagar, Delhi, 110060
Opening Hours :  
Contact No :  09811671157
Website :
Google Map Location : Click Here

Name :Dr Sandeep Kumar Jain
Address : Shop No- 24 Rishabh Ipex Mall,
 Patparganj, Delhi 110092
Opening Hours :  
Contact No :  09810654280
Website :
Google Map Location : Click Here

Where Can Hernias Occur?

There are some common locations, where hernias can take place. A person can have a hernia:

  • In the groin through the lower abdominal wall
  • In the lower chest via the diaphragm
  • Along the front midline of the abdomen
  • Via a former abdominal surgery incision

Hernias can be of many types such as inguinal hernia, hiatal hernia, femoral hernia, congenital diaphragmatic hernia, ventral hernia, umbilical hernia, perineal hernia, and Incisional hernia. Overall, a hernia is very common. There are several types of hernias that are more common than others. But make sure you know that most hernias are not serious, but they can become worsened if not treated at the right time. When hernias get stuck in the hole, then you may suffer from some complications. It may give you a lot of pain, and in severe cases, it can become detached from the blood supply, which causes tissue death. This is the main reason why a hernia needs to be treated in the beginning. Most hernias will need a surgical repair later or sooner.

Finding the Right Surgeon

When you are willing to treat a hernia because you cannot face its severity, then it is important to get the best surgeon in your area. Depending on the level of severity, your doctor can recommend you the best surgeon if surgery is needed. Choosing the Best Hernia Specialist Doctor in Delhi can be a daunting task because of the presence of many options.

Keep in mind to opt for a surgeon, who focuses on different kinds of hernia surgeries. A surgeon specializing in hernias will have done a huge volume of surgeries before. He will understand how to reduce the risk to avoid complications. As there are different kinds of hernias, this is how your treatment will also vary. A hernia doctor will diagnose the type of hernia you have and give you the best surgeon’s recommendations.

Your treatment will be based on many factors. When selecting a hernia surgeon, make sure you find the one, whose experience matches your needs related to surgery. Your surgeon must be patient-focused. It means that he should understand your needs and answer your queries. Look online and book a consultation with the right surgeon in Delhi.

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