Best Piles Doctor In Guwahati

How Best Piles Doctor In Guwahati Can Take You Out Of The Daily Twinge?

Piles are the worst disease to get as lumps forms inside and around the bottom. Often piles (Hemorrhoids) can be treated at home but sometimes they get worse and you need to see the Best Doctor for Piles in Guwahati. For many people piles is confusing so if you see the below-mentioned symptoms you have piles such as

  • An itchy anus
  • Red blood in your poop
  • Lumps around  anus
  • Mucus when you wipe your anus
  • Feeling to poop even if you have done it right now
  • Pain  in the bottom
  • Difficulty sitting
Best Piles Doctor In Guwahati

If these are the signs then you can take some precautions and get an ointment from your nearby pharmacy.  You must during lots of water and take fiber in your diet to control piles from happening again. In case your piles situation is hurting you can take paracetamol to ease the pain. Take a warm water bath and wipe your anus with a damp towel or toilet paper. Sometimes towels and paper can be discomforting in such case ice pack can be used to ease the discomfort. Keep your bottom area clean, do not eat spicy things, keep your body hydrated, and avoid constipation by avoiding wrong eating and drinking.

List of Best Piles Doctor in Guwahati

Address : Noonmati Kharghuli road 2no Madhabpur,
 opposite Uttar, Kalimandir, Noonmati,
 Guwahati, Assam 781020
Opening Hours :   4–8 pm
Contact No :  09435015846
Website :  
Google Map Location : Click Here

Name : Dr Waliul Islam MS
Address : Medicity Guwahati Aditya
 Opp Down Town Hospital Medicity Guwahati Aditya,
 Dispur, Guwahati, Assam 781006
Opening Hours :  
Contact No :  08486483479
Website :  
Google Map Location : Click Here

Name : Medicity Guwahati piles & laser Clinic
Address : Ground Floor, Aditya Tower,
 Medicity Guwahati Aditya, GS Rd,
 near Hotel Novotel, Dispur, Guwahati,
 Assam 781006
Opening Hours :  10 am–8 pm
Contact No
Website :  
Google Map Location : Click Here

 When to See a Doctor?

If your symptoms of piles are getting worse instead of getting healed you must book an appointment fast.  In case you are regularly becoming a victim of this disease, having fever, shivering, and in case pus leaking from your piles. If it is getting unbearable then it is time that you find the best doctor to get your hemorrhoids treated fast. First people often treat piles at home by using home remedies, then pharmacy is the second option where there are over-the-counter medications. If these two methods fail to provide you relief then it is time to visit an expert. Today you can easily find a piles doctor online and also fix your appointment online.

How are Piles Treated?

Once you find a good doctor you will be addressed with two treatment methods one is surgery and the other is without surgery. Treatment without surgery includes sclerotherapy, electrotherapy, and infrared coagulation. Your doctor is going to first use no invasive treatments to get rid of files and if they fail the last option is surgery.

There are three types of surgical methods used to treat piles which are

  • Stapled haemorrhoidopexy   in which  piles are stapled inside the anus
  • Haemorrhoidectomy  in which simply the piles are cut of
  • Haemorrhoidal artery ligation in which stitches are used to cut the supply of blood to the piles and they shrink.

In the case of surgical treatments patients need to stay at least one day or might be more in the hospital.  Piles are a very frustrating treatment fortunately we have Piles Treatment in Guwahati available to get rid of the severe pain piles cause. Guwahati has some best doctors who have expertise in treating piles patients with huge success.

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