Best Piles Doctor in Bangalore

How to find the Best Piles Doctor in Bangalore 2024?

Hemorrhoids are a very common problem in males and males from 45-65 years of age get mostly affected by it. This does not mean females don’t get them. This funny disease can make anyone its victim, especially those who are having unhealthy lifestyles. The cause behind piles is unknown but there are a few factors responsible for it and if bleeding piles occur it is time to seek the Best Piles Treatment in Bangalore. Before that here are some factors responsible for your piles condition such as

  • If you are suffering from constipation
  • Increased pressure on blood vessels during pregnancy
  • Persistent diarrhea
  • Long sitting on the toilet
  • Lifting heavy objects is something to blame
If your physician fails to help you it is time to get aid from professionals. The thing that piles patient have to deal with all the time is discomfort and pain. If piles are serious the patient cannot sit for a long time, there is itching, discomfort, and frustration all the time. This is one serious disease and it also needs treatment immediately. There are many people who still find it confusing when to see a doctor. 

Best Piles Doctor in Bangalore

List of Best Piles Doctor in Bangalore

Name : Healing Hands Clinic
Address : 516, 3rd Floor, Krishvi Aspire,
 Chinmaya Mission Hospital Rd, opp. Nature's Basket,
 Defence Colony, Indiranagar,
 Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038
Opening Hours :  
Contact No :  08197978641
Website :
Google Map Location : Click Here

Name : Dr. Parameshwara CM
Address : 423, 2, 1st Main Rd, 1st Stage,
 Gokula Extension, Mathikere Extension,
 Mathikere, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560054
Opening Hours :  
Contact No :  09844229888
Website :
Google Map Location : Click Here

Name : Bangalore Piles Clinic
Address : No. 165, Chick Bazaar Rd,
 Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru,
 Karnataka 560051
Opening Hours :  
Contact No :  09739071007
Website :  
Google Map Location : Click Here

Name : Pragathi Piles Hospital
Address : #124 opp to Muthut Finance,
  A Main Rd, near Union Bank of India,
 Udaya Nagar, Bengaluru,
 Karnataka 560016
Opening Hours :  
Contact No :  09844026766
Website :  
Google Map Location : Click Here

Name : Q Medical Center
Address : Q Medical Center(Speciality Hospital,
 43, Dickenson Rd, next to Hasanath College,
 Bengaluru, Karnataka 560042
Opening Hours :  
Contact No :  08929142524
Google Map Location : Click Here

Name : Dr. Prashanth J.V
Address : No. 167, Outer Ring Rd, Sector 6,
 HSR Layout, Bengaluru,
 Karnataka 560102
Opening Hours :  
Contact No : 08099008800
Website :
Google Map Location : Click Here

The moment you are experiencing piles symptoms you must be looking for a Bangalore Piles Clinic where you will get instant treatment and relief. In case you are having symptoms like 

  • Itching around the opening of the anal
  • Bleeding anus
  • Pain which elevates on sitting
  • Clotting along with pain
  • Extreme pain from torn piles

If these are the symptoms then you must be seeking advice from the best piles doctor in town. Today finding a reliable piles doctor is not daunting at all. There are online portals that are the easiest way to find a piles doctor. Online portals have listed all the best doctors in Bangalore in one place. You just have to put piles of doctors near me and there will be hundreds of suggestions. Getting to the right doctor will help you get rid of the piles issues permanently.

You just have to take care of your health onwards.  If you think you have tried everything and nothing is helping you talking to a doctor will be the best thing you will be doing for yourself. With the right care and guidance, piles can be eliminated without the need for surgery.

There are different types of piles treatment available in India which is both surgical and non-surgical. Your doctor is going to advise you on the treatment that will be most suitable according to your conditions. Piles Laser Treatment in Bangalore is the most opted treatment these days. Laser treatment gives you instant relief. Using laser beams piles get shrunk and eliminated. Laser treatment is quick, safe, and effective as compared to surgery.

There is no pain involved and the patient gets instant relief. Piles can occur again but can be prevented by opting healthy lifestyle. Consult your doctor immediately and get the best piles treatment in Bangalore. Follow your doctor's advice to lead a healthy and piles free life.

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