Best CPAP Machine In India 2022

Best CPAP Machine In India : 2022 Buying Guide!

Sleep disorders are getting more and more common among different generations. If your issues are mild they can go away with a change in your lifestyle but if it's severe like sleep apnea disorders then you will have to look for a prescribed treatment. CPAP is a device which is prescribed by doctors because it helps in treating this disorder. CPAP- continuous positive airway pressure and treats sleep apnea.  Many times obstructions are caused by pauses in breathing this happens when airways collapse and the path of breathing is blocked. When you use a CPAP machine it sends oxygen flow steadily into the mouth and nose which will keep airways open and you are able to breathe properly and enjoy a good night and healthy sleep. If you are suffering from sleep apnea then CPAP is what you must learn about.

Fortunately, there are excellent CPAP Machine Brands in India in which you can invest and get rid of sleep apnea disorder without any hefty treatment or wasting money.

List of Best CPAP Machines Available in India

Below are some of the Best CPAP Machines in India mentioned along with features explained to choose from.

No . CPAP Machine Buy Now
1 Philips Dreamstation Go CPAP Machine
2 Philips Dream Station CPAP Auto Machine
3 Respironics Philips Remstar A-Flex CPAP
4 BMC GII Auto CPAP Machine

Best CPAP Machine in India
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1. Philips Respironics Dreamstation Go CPAP Machine

This model is the best example of innovation and technology.  It is portable and also the best home-based unit.  It is having a quiet operation, having comfortable and user-friendly features. It is designed to keep all the needs of the patients in mind. You are surely going to have a comfortable sleeping experience with them.

  • It is manufactured using trusted technology  and similar performance like your home machine
  • You will get an optional overnight battery  so that you can use it in rural places with no electricity
  • It is  simple to use the device for quick touch screen and navigation
  • Its sleek design comes with micro flexible tubing
  • Comes with Bluetooth connectivity 
  • 2-year warranty and complimentary mask

Philips is a trusted brand in India and if you are interested in buying Philips Respironics Dreamstation Go CPAP Machine you can call on toll-free number 1800-480-0756 and ask all the buying-related questions.  Philips has products that can fulfill all your needs.

2. Philips Dream Station CPAP Auto Machine

It’s beautiful, nice, and easy because of the smart features included by Philips. Its smart features make this CPAP machine more comfortable. It starts the sleep apnea therapy the moment you will wear the mask and stops when you remove it. It’s comfortable for different types of patients without facing any hindrance any middle of the night.  You can also see information about your apnea events every hour because it has a detailed data usage feature. There is an optional humidifier feature that delivers humidification throughout the night without compromising flow rate, room temperature, and external humidity.  You get the standard hose but can upgrade to the heated hose.  Other features include

  • DreamMapper app so that you can access  information like AHI, leaks, and apneas you experience
  • You get to enjoy a restful sleep with its quiet technology. It is the most silent CPAP machine 
  • It is having an auto-adjusting system  that saves your time
  • Flex comfort feature offers pressure relief when you exhale in the beginning while softening transitions from every breath.
  • Use distilled water in the humidifier
  • If you have been using low CPAP pressure then this machine is ideal for you
  • There are 2 filters one is disposable and it is reusable

3. Respironics Philips Remstar Auto A-Flex CPAP

Respironics Philips Remstar Auto A-Flex CPAP is the new model by Philips and uses an auto PAP technology algorithm that is controlled from machine to mask offering a comfortable sleep. The package includes one 60series auto CPAP machine, power supply, and cord, reusable foam filter, SD memory card, and travel case. Respironics Philips Remstar Auto A-Flex CPAP is approved by FAA and can be used in commercial flights. There is FAA approved label so that you can make easy identification. Its features are as below

  • Advanced and Modern Design
  • A-Flex Technology for Pressure Relief while Exhaling
  • LCD Display for on-screen data
  • System One Resistance Control
  • Heated Tubing  can be Integrated(optional)
  • Heated Humidifier (optional)

To create ultimate sleep and comfort you can buy Respironics Philips Remstar Auto A-Flex CPAP. It’s completely automatic and one step ahead of other PAP machines. For example, its on-screen display helps you collect data that you can share with your doctor for effective treatment. It is extremely easy to maintain as well as assemble. You are going to get 2 years warranty with this product.

4. BMC GII Auto CPAP Machine

BMC GII Auto CPAP Machine is having all the advanced features that help users operate the device with efficiency and ease.  There is a wide range of features like auto altitude, auto-adjusting, heated humidifier, and leak compensation, etc.  The goal of this product is to offer positive pressure for exhaling and inhaling. It comes with a hose and humidifier with the option to pick from an F2 facial mask & the iVolve N2 nasal mask. It can be used for both clinical therapy as well as a home therapy for sleep apnea. Its CPAP full mask assists you in breathing comfortably while you sleep. It is having features like

  • Auto Mode to Adjust Pressures
  • Titration mode and CPAP mode
  • Apnea Sensitivity Adjustment
  • SD card 4GB
  • Quiet Technology <30dB
  • Remote Sleep Data Reports using iCodes
  • The Large 2.4-inch color Screen
  • Auto Airflow Start & Stop
  • Mask Removal Alarm

BMC GII Auto CPAP Machine gives you a smooth interface, ergonomic button design for an easy and practical experience. It also houses Eco Smart heating system with 2 water chambers for precise water amount and real-time compensation.

5. Simon's Resmart Auto Cpap

Simon's Resmart Auto Cpap

Every CPAP machine is having something great to offer and it’s not untrue when we talk about Simon's Resmart Auto Cpap.  This machine comes with advanced sensor technology that tracks the respiratory status of the users.  It is having smart controls that provide users with reliable therapy when it comes to OSA. It is also fitted with advanced tracking technology that makes sure you get comfortable as well as accurate therapy for your condition. There are unique settings systems that provide an algorithm for therapy and make sure you are in complete comfort with this product.  It is also having automatic on and off in case of accidental power off.  You can get treatment information with just one button of the previous day. It is also having an audible real-time alert for mask /tube leak, quiet operation.  You are going to get both a full mask and humidifier and a free nasal washer. Its features also include

  • Color screen on/off
  • Auto Adjustments for Pressure Therapy Range
  • Audio Alerts
  • 3-year Warranty

These are the 5 most recommended as well as top-rated CPAP and APAP machines in India in which you can invest.  There are many other models which you can check out online and compare their features to buy the best one for your needs. Sleep apnea issues can be dangerous for your overall health so make sure that you are taking immediate action to fight it with the aid of the best CPAP machine in India.


How does the CPAP Machine Works?

CPAP machines are among the most common and recommended treatment for sleep apnea and are also effective. If you have been prescribed CPAP then you must know how this device works so you can understand will this treatment work for them or not. Well, getting started with its work; the CPAP device is having the motor in the compressor of the machine which generates pressurized air stream consistently which moves through the air filter to reach the tube. Then this tube passes purified air into the mask which is sealed around the nose and mouth so that you can breathe all the purified air. CPAP pushes all the blockages while you are sleeping, opening airways giving plenty of oxygen to your lungs.  When you are able to breathe properly and nothing obstructs the oxygen flow, you do not experience any pause. When this happens you do not get up frightened and enjoy a good night's sleep.

The working of the CPAP device is very simple, yet it's a very powerful and effective device that is designed to free you from sleep disorders.

Basic Components of CPAP Machine

Well, there are different types of CPAP machines, but their basic components are all similar which are

  • A Cushioned Mask
  • A Motor housed in a Base Unit
  • Elbow that works as Joint
  • The tube that Joins the Motor to Mask
  • A Headgear Frame
  • Adjustable Straps
Components of CPAP Machine

Benefits of using a CPAP Machine

First of all the major benefit, you are going to get after using CPAP is that you will never get up in the middle of the night startling due to lack of oxygen. The use will deliver a consistent supply of oxygen while you are sleeping which will prevent breathing interruptions. The benefits are going to increase with the regular use of CPAP machines.

  • Your sleeping ability is improved with time
  • You will start enjoying good night sleep without waking up
  • Lowers risk of stroke, heart attack, and cardiovascular disease
  • Reduces Blood Pressure
  • Reduce Cholesterol and Glucose

There are few drawbacks as well like dry mouth, nosebleed, nasal congestion, etc. However, these cons will be eliminated with time. So, there are auto CPAP machines as well which are prescribed and recommended to patients with sleep apnea but is slightly different from CPAP machine. Below is a brief description of APAP, CPAP, and their difference

Auto CPAP Machine

APAP is a treatment therapy for sleep apnea disorders and if you are among the patients you might have heard about it. APAP-automatic positive airway pressure helps in breathing while you sleep. Like other positive airway pressure machines, it is also having masks designed to deliver pressurized air to keep the airways open so that you can sleep properly.

How Does it Work?

The machine delivers air pressure which acts as a splint that keeps the throat safe from collapsing itself so that breathing can be normalized throughout your sleep without any apnea.  There are 2 settings with PAPA, high/low-pressure settings that allow operating it automatically to meet the patient's needs. We change our positions at night, moves which are different sleeping stages and positions. APAP automatic functions help with different sleep stages.

Is it the Right Choice?

There are multiple studies found that says APAP is the most reliable device and can adjust proactively than reactively. It is a flexible choice and this therapy works best for any patient, but if you have chronic heart disease it is not the right choice for you.

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CPAP & APAP Machine for Sleep Apnea : The Difference {Comparison}

The major difference between the two is how the air pressure is administered. CPAP is having fixed pressure and it is determined with an in-lab titration sleep study. The motive of this study is to reach a pressure setting where patients show a reduction in respiratory events, good quality of sleep, etc. with consequent oxygen flow users can breathe properly. On the other hand, APAP is having different pressure settings and patients get auto-adjusted breathing settings. Today you are also going to find CPAP machines having 30 day APAP mode.

Comparison of CPAP & APAP Machine
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There is immense information available out there; however, the majority of them are coming from the manufactures of the CPAP machines. This type of information is not based on researches and clinical studies.  Make sure you are getting confused and receiving information from your doctors only. Also, CPAP and APAP machines are not ideal treatments and therapy for all patients. You must buy CPAP and APAP machines only if it is prescribed by your doctors after getting the history of your disease.  For instance, patients with lung disease, heart failure, obesity hypoventilation syndrome, and central sleep apnea are strictly apprehended for CPAP machine use.

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