Best Hospital Bed in India

Best Hospital Bed in India 2022

In India, you are going to find high-end hospital bed manufacturers from where you can buy durable and quality supplies. They have perfectly designed beds that can provide complete comfort to the patients. While a person is lying on the hospital bed he needs comfort, relief, and convenience which these hospital beds can provide.

Every hospital needs hospital beds and in some cases, hospital beds are installed at homes for a sick family member. Sometimes it becomes an essential commodity. These beds are manufactured with high-end features which help in improving blood circulation, caregivers can move patients body with ease as these beds can be adjusted properly.

Best Hospital Bed in India

Key Highlights

  • Buy beds with compound proportions and ranges
  • Hydraulic height amendments
  • Stipulation of telescopic IV rod with four Spots
  • Perplex textile made with PVC
  • Beds with placid steel casing
  • MS powder encrusted tubular head & foot bows of lopsided height
  • Puncture CRC sheet duly machine press bent

There are different styles and types available with brands in India such as electric and manual beds. For home placements of hospital beds, you also get a footboard and headboard. With Indian manufacturers, you can buy hospital beds that can improve and provide both patient and caregiver experience.

There are world-class beds available which ideally suits the growing needs of healthcare facilities. These beds are manufactured using advanced technologies and raw materials of the best quality. Today in the modern age you are going to get beautiful beds with amazing features. Every clinic, hospital and home can trust their Indian manufacturers. There are different options such as

  • Semi flower bed
  • Hospital general bed
  • Labour delivery beds
  • Hospital attendant beds
  • Hospital flower beds
  • Flower beds with over bed table

There is a wide range of hospital beds that can be purchased according to the patients and medical care needs. These beds have a variety of features like adjustable and hydraulic systems, leg, seat, and backrest sections with hand livers; brakes, etc. today you can also buy customized foot and headrest that can blend with the home decor.


What is a Hospital Bed?

In the hospital, you will find specialized beds which are designed for the comfort of the patients. Patients can deal with their ailment or sickness resting on their hospital beds without experiencing too much strain about their condition.  Hospital beds meet all the ergonomic standards for optimum musculoskeletal support. There are even mattresses and frames along with hospital beds for complete safety, comfort, and faster recovery of the patients.

Below are the different brands and models listed in the best category.

KosmoCare Premium Imported 2-way adjustable Hospital Bed

A hospital bed is a very basic need if you are having a bedridden patient at home and in the hospital. Needless to mention a sick person cannot take the stress and needs as much comfort as we can provide them and this helps them in recovering better. KosmoCare Premium Imported 2-way adjustable Hospital Bed perfectly fits such needs because it is designed to do so. This hospital bed is made to primarily deliver comfort to the patients. You can trust this brand and it has plenty of features to offer which are mentioned below.

Features of KosmoCare 2-way adjustable Hospital Bed

  • First of all, this model is a manual hospital bed which you can also place at home
  • This bed is adjustable its upper part can elevate up to eighty degrees and the leg can elevate up to forty degrees
  • Its frame is made with steel frame and is powder-coated
  • The weight of this hospital bed is 175kgs with solid frames that guarantee user safety
  • It is having collapsible guard rails made with aluminum 6" castors that provide optimal and smooth movement
  • It is having locking system that helps caregivers stress-free and sure safe care giving
  • It includes detachable ABS head and footbed boards

This manual bed is perfect for hospitals and even home care for patients as it is equipped with hand cranks and adjustable bed height. When it comes to offering comfort to patients and ease to caregivers KosmoCare Premium Imported 2-way adjustable Hospital Bed is an amazing choice.

P.M.P.S. Semi Fowler Dlx Manual Hospital Bed

When it comes to buying a hospital bed for someone in your family then it can be quite confusing. You can also make mistakes if you are not having any knowledge and end up wasting a pretty amount of your money. P.M.P.S. Semi Fowler Dlx Manual Hospital Bed is ideal for home care.  It is having standard size; the mattress is not included, there are no bed rails but can be included if required.  If you are working on a tight budget then P.M.P.S. Semi Fowler Dlx Manual Hospital Bed can offer huge relief as it fits perfectly in your budget and offers complete comfort to the patient

Features of P.M.P.S. Semi Fowler Dlx Manual Hospital Bed

  • Height can be adjusted according to the patient's needs
  • Pan India delivery facility
  • Accessories available like ABS head/footboard
  • A four-inch comfortable mattress is also available for the patient
  • One function bed operated manual handle for elevation

P.M.P.S. Semi Fowler Dlx Manual Hospital Bed comes with a mattress that offers adjustable massage measures that can promote blood circulation and also stimulates tissues throughout the body.  A hospital bed offers a good amount of firmness in case of sore muscles.

P.M.P.S. Semi Fowler beds can be adjusted in positions according to the patient's comfort. It has a manual handle for physically capable patients. P.M.P.S. Semi Fowler Dlx Manual Hospital Bed can be compared with other models and brands online for a better choice when it comes to a hospital bed.

CosmoCare Semi Fowler Bed

If your family member is prescribed a hospital bed and you are in a confused state then CosmoCare Semi Fowler Bed is where your search ends. It is a hospital bed manufactured for home use. It is exactly similar to the beds you see in the hospital.  It is not having any rails or electric adjustments. You will need to manually operate CosmoCare Semi Fowler Bed. It can be elevated from head and foot positions. Patients who require hospital beds with no extra features like side rails will find it ideal for their patients.  It is a simple hospital bed that is designed for patients who need home care, however on a hospital bed.

CosmoCare Semi Fowler Bed features

  • It can be elevated but its elevation is lower than the flower position and might include the foot of the bed to rise at the knee to bend the legs
  • Its size is 2060Lx900Wx600H in cm
  • Top manufactured with perforated M.S. Sheet
  • For backrest it can be a maneuver by screw handle positioned at the foot section
  • Its finish is powder-coated
  • The overall weight of the bed is 42 kilograms which makes it light and easy to place in your homes

CosmoCare Semi Fowler Bed is also ideal for clinics and can be raised between fifteen to forty-five degrees. If you are looking for a hospital bed that is not heavy or large enough then CosmoCare Semi Fowler Bed is all that you need to place at your home for your patient.

Hospital Bed for Home

If the patient is prescribed with hospital bed then he or she might be suffering from real sickness which cannot be avoided. Hospital beds are special types of beds that are designed to provide complete comfort to the patient and their needs.  With a hospital bed you can provide the patient with a comfortable, safe, and stable environment at home where they can heal, rest, recover faster via receiving home care. Hospital beds are completely different from beds we have at home, but today we can find versatility while buying a hospital bed.

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Buying Hospital Bed

Today you will find different designs, sizes, styles from Indian manufacturers and it can be overwhelming to choose from a plethora of sections. You must buy the one that is right for you because it is a matter of the health of your loved one. There are different types of hospital beds and you must buy the bed doctor has recommended you with.

Manual Beds:

These beds need manual handling using a hand crank located either at the foot or head side. These beds are lower priced and are great solutions for a patient who needs less positioning.

Semi-electric Hospital Bed:

It is having both electric and manual adjustment and is best for both requirements between electric and manual bed. It is ideal for patients who need much adjustment but cannot afford full electronic hospital beds.

Electric Hospital Beds:

These hospital beds are completely electric and can be adjusted with the touch of one button. You also get a remote for operating the bed so that patients can themselves adjust the height and other features without any discomfort. It is great for old patients and bedridden patients. Even caregivers find it easy to provide care to patients as it requires less physical strength.

How to Pick?

When you need to buy a hospital bed you just have to follow the needs of the patient requiring a hospital bed.  Check the security of the bed, level of support, adjustable features, and budget. Today there is a wide array of hospital beds available which you can compare and buy according to your needs.

Fowler bed

Indian manufacturers have an innovative range of hospital fowler beds that are sturdy, comfortable, and ideally supportive of patients' needs. These beds have diverse adjustment options making it extremely comfortable for the patients. Knees, backrest position can be easily maneuvered with a separate screw at the foot end. There is a huge range of fowler beds available with collapsible safety side railings.

Fowler beds are ergonomically designed and have advanced features to offer precise comfort to the patients. It is having an individual, simultaneous, and central braking system. There is ABS or stainless steel which is utilized for the foot and head panels. These beds are equipped with collapsible or lifting side rails that make sure that the patient is safe. There is an extensive range of flower beds with Indian manufacturers and you can buy the most suitable ones.

Features Overview

  • 4 pieces individual side rails
  • 4 locations for IV Rod
  • Holder for urine bag
  • The finish is an epoxy or pretreated powder coated

Fowler hospital beds are specially designed for the hospital or clinical uses. The sizes and dimensions of such beds are large which makes them difficult to be placed in homes.

Hospital Patient Bed

When patients have prescribed hospital beds they need to be as comfortable as possible. On the other hand side, it is also imperative that the people who are providing care to the patients are also comfortable. Hospital Patient Bed has essential elements that are helpful for both the patients and the caregivers.

These beds are easy to adjust, move, have brakes for safety, and have many other features.  The choice of the bed will depend totally upon the patient's needs such as old people with Alzheimer's will need a low bed and reclined head section. Then there are patients with fewer movements after surgery or accident that can operate electric hospital beds on their own to adjust head or footrest.

Different models have different features designed for the comfort of the patients. Patients must feel secure without feeling trapped and this is why you will see a huge range of hospital patients beds so that people can choose an ideal bed according to the patient's needs. With an ideal hospital patient, bed-suffering people can recover faster and offers to convince all those who are involved in the task of caregiving.

Tips to Buy Hospital Bed

  • Look for desirable features like height adjustment, tilt feature, side rails, etc
  • There are different designs available and one can choose a suitable design
  • A renowned supplier  will offer you value for your money
  • Look for top-notch quality as a hospital bed is going to be a onetime investment
  • If the patient is prone to falling then  buy a low bed
  • The choice of mattress is as important as  the hospital bed

A hospital bed offers more than just comfort sleeping so make sure that you buy a bed that fulfills all the patient needs and also fits in your budget. Fortunately, Indian manufacturers have everything to offer.


Even healthy people can suffer from discomfort and pain lying in their daily beds for a long time. This can give you an idea of how important a hospital bed is especially if it is prescribed to any of your family members. Hospital beds are designed to improve the quality of life of patients who are bedridden or suffer from limitations because of their sickness.

Fortunately, we have a wide array of hospital beds in the Indian market which can offer precise support in providing care to the patients. Hospital beds have medical benefits and help the patient recover faster and experience comfort while they are in the hospital or home receiving treatment for their illness. There are both online and offline shopping options available from where you can take advantage of comparing features and processes of hospital beds. Make sure you are buying the right hospital bed so that your loved one can heal faster.


Best Electric Wheelchair in India [Power Wheelchair]

Best Electric Wheelchair In India : Explore Your Options

A wheelchair is a lifeline for those who cannot move around and provides mobility to them. Many people are injured, disabled, or facing illness due to which they cannot move around. With wheelchairs, immobile people can lead independent and active lifestyles without the help of others.

Today many different types of wheelchairs available are crafted according to the user's requirements. Today you can buy power, electric, manual wheelchairs. Manual types are propelled manually with hands and the Motorized Wheelchair has motors that provide motion. Electric wheelchairs are expensive as compared to manual ones because of the simple features they have. Manual wheelchairs can be stored even in small spaces as they can be easily folded and can also be taken along in car trunks.

Best Electric Wheelchair in India

Electric wheelchairs offer ease and there is no need to depend on others if you are having an electric wheelchair because it makes you self-reliant. It is also having better suspension and maneuverability that absorbs bumps and you can travel safely.

Some brands let you test your electric wheelchairs before you buy them so that you can test them on your own. Users face different disabilities and this is why the needs are also different and by testing different wheelchairs they can get hold of the control systems which suit their needs the best. There are even customizing options to fit the physical needs of the users.

No. Electric Wheelchair Capacity Single Charge Buy Now
2. Gvs Oxygen Electrical Wheel Chair 100 Kg 20 Km
3. KosmoCare Duramate Power Wheelchair 100 Kg 20 Km
4. Vissco Zip Lite Power Wheelchair 100 Kg 12 Km
5. Cosin Battery Operated Wheel Chair 120 Kg 20 Km
Table of Content

List of Top 5 Best Electric Wheelchairs in India [Power Wheelchairs]


EVOX is among the most trusted brand in the Indian market and can deliver exactly what you are looking for. EVOX RECLINING WHEELCHAIR (WC104) is among its best models that deliver reclining features making it the most comfortable and relaxing wheelchair. For a good price, you can enjoy every feature the best wheelchair has to offer. There are ample options to enjoy and this product is having impressive features such as

  • You get a remote control  to  operate your wheelchair
  • It is having Taiwan imported breaks
  • Both electric and manual modes available with a removable battery option
  • It has recline features such as can be adjusted  to a 45-degree angle and its footrest can be
  • elevated up to a 60-degree angle
  • Controllers can be easily  exchanged from right to left side
  • Comes with one year  warranty  and all the parts are covered under the warranty

EVOX RECLINING WHEELCHAIR (WC104) is close enough to a reclining sofa and provides royalty and comfort.  Your family member deserves the best and this model is great for those who cannot move on their own but cannot sit in one place also. It is having all the safety features so there is nothing to worry about.

2. Gvs Oxygen Reclining Electrical Wheel Chair

Gvs Oxygen Reclining Electrical Wheel Chair is lightweight, comes with a foldable structure and portability-like features. It is having a removable battery box for convenient charging every time, it has a detachable and adjustable footrest, fill-up armrest, rear wheels drive with 2 motors, and with a joystick, you can easily control your wheelchair.

It is extremely easy to operate. People in hospitals, old people and who cannot move on their own will find it a great option. It reduces dependency and the patient will enjoy a high level of confidence with a wheelchair of this level of functionality. It can also be used for traveling long distances without compromising comfort as it is propelled by an electric motor.  Its features include

  • It is portable and easily foldable
  • Safe for traveling long distance
  • Easy to assemble, dismantle and operate
  • Removable battery to charge it conveniently
  • Rear-wheel drive with 2 motors
  • Adjustable and detachable footrest
  • A controller can be easily exchanged
  • Flip-up armrest
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

You can shortlist Gvs Oxygen Reclining Electrical Wheel Chair because of the amazing features and comfort it is going to deliver. You can buy it from Amazon for instant delivery.

3. KosmoCare Duramate Lightweight Foldable Power Wheelchair

KosmoCare Duramate Lightweight Foldable Power Wheelchair has everything you need to make your life comfortable on a wheelchair. It is lightweight, durable, offers great functionality, and has performed above all. It can hold a weight of up to 100kg, has a frame made of aluminum, and is lightweight, which is 23kg.

It is equipped with safety features such as an anti-tipper and seat belt to ensure the safety of the user. There is a back pocket for storage and is an ideal option for anyone looking for a performance in their wheelchair with no compromise on any feature. Its features include

  • It takes 4-5 hours charging time
  • It is waterproof and easy to maintain
  • It is made with aluminum and is extremely light in weight
  • It has lithium batteries with a 20km travel range
  • It has a joystick that makes it easy to operate for all alike
  • It can bear 100kg maximum  weight
  • Seat width is 18 inches  and its self-weight is just 23 kg  making it light in weight
  • It has a 10Ah battery with a power of 1*250W

There is  a fixed armrest, drop back handle and flip-up footrest which can be stored or used  as per the needs

4. Vissco Zip Lite Power Wheelchair

This wheelchair gives you an ideal solution when it comes to getting a cheaper wheelchair model. People who have walking disorders or are handicapped can choose this wheelchair. If you want a lightweight wheelchair to sit on and relax, then Vissco Zip Lite Power Wheelchair is a right option to consider. It has a weight-bearing capacity of 100kg.

It will make you feel comfortable with its double seat cushions, detachable leg-rest, foldable backrest, flip-up armrest, and many other interesting features. It also has a fire retardant upholstery. It can operate up to 12km in a single charge. You will get all the essential functions required in a motorized wheelchair.

If you are dealing with stability issues like balancing, post paralysis, post-surgery, spinal injury, walking disorders, legs injury, and pelvic injury, then get this wheelchair right now. Its amazing features include:

  • Flip up armrest
  • Pneumatic pump
  • Simple to use controller
  • Battery powered
  • Controller can be moved from one armrest to the other

Vissco Zip Lite Power Wheelchair gives you a larger base of support. Using this wheelchair can help you move freely so that you can get complete independence. Just go online and look for cheaper sites and buy it right now.

5. Cosin Electric Battery Operated Wheel Chair

When it comes to a motorized wheelchair, it is another option in the list of the best wheelchairs available in the industry. It runs on a 24v 12ah lead-acid battery and can operate over 20km. it can give you a manual override system, which lets you easily push it manually when power mobility is not needed. See the list of its interesting features:

  • It has a 360 degree smart controller that help you control it either left or right with enhanced sensitivity
  • The best part is that it has 16” rear and 10” front puncture-free wheels, which make it look stylish and simple
  • You will also get USB charging port in joystick that help you charge your mobile without any hassle
  • Using its lightweight and foldable steel frame, you will easily move it in any direction
  • It is equipped with dual flip up arm rests that provides you easy entry
  • At the same time, you will get washable cushions, which are breathable and comfortable as well
  • Its frame is lightweight made of steel painted with metallic design. it looks very durable and strong and it has a greater level of elasticity shock absorption feature

Buy this wheelchair for enhanced safety and comfort.

Best Powered Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs are designed in such a way that it offers easy accessibility to its users; its versatile use and comfort features are appreciated by both the users and their family members. Electric Motorized Wheelchair has revolutionized many lives. People with temporary disabilities are also using wheelchairs so that they can move freely when there is no one nearby.

There are power wheelchairs which are best for people with hand, arm and shoulder disability and cannot use manual wheelchairs.  Users can control speed and directions on their own as there is a joystick which makes the task easy. There are other features like seat elevation, tilting, and reclining which make power wheelchairs popular among disabling people.

Technology is advancing day by day and this has also made the life of disabled people easy. Today wheelchairs are not just used to travel from one point to another. Some people have been participating in sports using their wheelchairs. There are many sports like wheelchair tennis, wheelchair racing, wheelchair basketball, and wheelchair skiing like sports.

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For participating in such sports there are customized wheelchair options available. There are many popular Indian Lightweight Electric Wheelchairs Folding models as well as other brands which people can buy and make their life easy and enjoy the freedom. There are many accessories, equipment, ramps, and vans also available with Indian brands. There are many automated systems available that make impossible things possible for disabled people. There are brands like Saamipya, Arcatron, Livpure, and many other Indian brands from where you can buy a wheelchair at a decent price tag.

Buyer's Guide for Electric Wheel Chair

Many medical conditions leave humans completely immobile such as paralysis. In such conditions, you can rely on an electric wheelchair and before that, you will need all the knowledge you can gather about the brands, models, and which are going to be the best investment for your condition.  Many Indian brands are selling different types so your thorough research about the product will prevent bad decisions. Here is the user's buying guide for a wheelchair. There are many options available to make sure that you compare all the models and types to buy that suit your condition the best. 

Buying Electric Wheelchairs

If you are interested in buying an electric wheelchair then there are pretty options in the Indian market that you can look into. There are heavy-duty, folding, travel, and center wheel drive electric wheelchairs in the category. Then there are several factors to consider while you choose the best electric wheelchair for your patient.

How Much is your Weight?

If your weight is nearby 300lbs then a power wheelchair with a similar capacity is not the right option for you. If you are around 200lbs then you can choose to buy an electric wheelchair with a capacity of 300lbs. you must always look for the capacity and measure your weight accordingly. You can go for a heavy-duty or standard electric wheelchair.

Where you will be using it?

There are wheelchairs which you can use both indoors and outdoors. You must know where you will be using and on which terrains you will be going on with your power wheelchairs. You will need a tough heavy-duty wheelchair in case the terrains near your home are not easy to move on.

Will you be Transporting it often?

Some people might be suffering from a condition where they cannot stand on their feet again. To travel from one place to another they might need to take their wheelchairs along. If you will be transporting it often then go for a foldable option or motorized wheelchair. Some models are light in weight and are ideal options for traveling.

Comfortable Seat Size

This is going to be one of the most important factors that you must look into. Because the seat is not comfortable your wheelchair will not be of any use. The seat size like width, you can look into the measuring guide of the wheelchair to get the right size of the seat.

These are the few things which you must know before you buy an electric wheelchair. A wheelchair is a device that will help you move around without the help of others. It might be a lifetime investment for your freedom so you cannot just purchase any wheelchair you come across.

Your comfort, seat size, indoors/outdoors use are some important considerations. There are also customized options and equipment you might need to buy in addition.  Always check the wheelchair guide to know about all the factors and then go for buying it.

Electric Motorized Wheelchair

With the invention of the Electric Motorized Wheelchair, many lives have got back their freedom and deliver great benefits to the disabled. There are different types of powered wheelchairs available like front-wheel powered and rear-wheel powered which you can buy according to your needs. Front-wheel-powered is best for indoors and the rear wheel powered are extremely popular for outdoors.

Not only disable but sick people who cannot move on their own can use electric wheelchairs and enjoy mobility without depending on others. There are different types for all like for adults and kids. There are also different features and styles available in the Indian market to suit the needs of the users accordingly. 

Mostly you can look for electric wheelchairs online where you can compare the features and price easily. There are foldable, portable, lightweight, and heavy-duty electric wheelchairs which will need a comparison to find the right one for your disability needs. The motor is activated with batteries and there is a joystick with which you can control. Sometimes there is a hand controller, or sack also available.

You can elevate your seat with controllers and even tilt the wheelchair. Today you can also get customized options with a modern powered wheelchair. With the advancement in technology, you will get many great options that can give you your freedom back. Compare the best models to know about the features of electric wheelchairs. Also, look for equipment and accessories to make your wheelchair more comfortable.

Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

When you need to buy an electric wheelchair there are some things that you must pay attention to such as your physical requirements and budget. This will influence your decision of buying an electric wheelchair. Lightweight Electric Wheelchair is best for travelers and explorers who cannot sit home due to their disabilities.  There are pretty models which are lightweight and can be easily transported from one place to another. Electric chairs have huge advantages over manuals ones and this is why they are very much in demand. They have features mentioned below

  • They are not restricted to areas
  • Have immense propelling versatility
  • Have more turning maneuverability
  • Offers freedom
  • Requires less exertion
  • Light in weight

If you need to move daily movement or need to move long distances then this type is going to be a wise investment.  You can explore your options online or take advice from others to know more about the concerns, features, and helpful advice. There are Indian wheelchair brands that offer trials so that individuals can meet their needs.

There are heavy duties devices included, require constant maintenance, and are also expensive as compared to the manuals one. In the category, you will find different models and sizes so make sure to explore your options before buying.

You can also add motorized components to them to make them more comfortable and adaptable to your traveling needs. Lightweight wheelchairs can be easily transported or lifted with the help of motorized ramps.

Foldable Power Wheelchair

With a Foldable Power Wheelchair, you will never be confined to your dwellings and will enjoy all the independence and freedom. Today there are different models and types available that can suit your needs and budget. Finding the right type is a huge necessity so make sure that you know what you are looking for.

For example, you must know where you will use your chair, how much time you will be spending on it, locations you will be traveling, and even your condition. If you need to travel then the foldable chair is an ideal option for you. Foldable chairs are designed in such a way that you can easily transport them are of great usability and maneuverability.

To keep them manageable and small they are limited with features, however, still you get customized options with some brands. They are similar to non-electric chairs when it comes to looks and can be easily folded to fit in small spaces.

They are designed to be light in weight but there is no compromise done when it comes to usability and functionality. Indian brands are offering different models in the category with years of experience in delivering exactly what you need when it comes to Foldable Power wheelchairs.

These are designed to keep the comfort of the users in mind and have a footrest, folding backrest, and foldable trays-like features. There is an impressive range available that can help you travel miles without losing your comfort.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is the Best Portable Electric Wheelchair?

Cosin Electric Power Wheel Chair and KosmoCare Duramate Foldable Power Wheelchair are the Best Portable Electric Wheelchairs.

What is the Lightest Electric Wheelchair?

Cosin 180b Electric Power Folding Wheelchair is lightest wheelchair. Weight with battery is approx 45Kg and Without Battery Approx. 37 Kg

Which Power Wheelchair is Best?

There are different Wheelchairs brands. Evox Reclining WheelChair and GVS Oxygen Electrical Wheel Chair are the Best. Vissco Zip Lite Power Wheel is the Top Selling Brands.

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Best CPAP Machine In India 2022

Best CPAP Machine In India : 2022 Buying Guide!

Sleep disorders are getting more and more common among different generations. If your issues are mild they can go away with a change in your lifestyle but if it's severe like sleep apnea disorders then you will have to look for a prescribed treatment. CPAP is a device which is prescribed by doctors because it helps in treating this disorder. CPAP- continuous positive airway pressure and treats sleep apnea.  Many times obstructions are caused by pauses in breathing this happens when airways collapse and the path of breathing is blocked. When you use a CPAP machine it sends oxygen flow steadily into the mouth and nose which will keep airways open and you are able to breathe properly and enjoy a good night and healthy sleep. If you are suffering from sleep apnea then CPAP is what you must learn about.

Fortunately, there are excellent CPAP Machine Brands in India in which you can invest and get rid of sleep apnea disorder without any hefty treatment or wasting money.

List of Best CPAP Machines Available in India

Below are some of the Best CPAP Machines in India mentioned along with features explained to choose from.

No . CPAP Machine Buy Now
1 Philips Dreamstation Go CPAP Machine
2 Philips Dream Station CPAP Auto Machine
3 Respironics Philips Remstar A-Flex CPAP
4 BMC GII Auto CPAP Machine

Best CPAP Machine in India
Image Credit :

1. Philips Respironics Dreamstation Go CPAP Machine

This model is the best example of innovation and technology.  It is portable and also the best home-based unit.  It is having a quiet operation, having comfortable and user-friendly features. It is designed to keep all the needs of the patients in mind. You are surely going to have a comfortable sleeping experience with them.

  • It is manufactured using trusted technology  and similar performance like your home machine
  • You will get an optional overnight battery  so that you can use it in rural places with no electricity
  • It is  simple to use the device for quick touch screen and navigation
  • Its sleek design comes with micro flexible tubing
  • Comes with Bluetooth connectivity 
  • 2-year warranty and complimentary mask

Philips is a trusted brand in India and if you are interested in buying Philips Respironics Dreamstation Go CPAP Machine you can call on toll-free number 1800-480-0756 and ask all the buying-related questions.  Philips has products that can fulfill all your needs.

2. Philips Dream Station CPAP Auto Machine

It’s beautiful, nice, and easy because of the smart features included by Philips. Its smart features make this CPAP machine more comfortable. It starts the sleep apnea therapy the moment you will wear the mask and stops when you remove it. It’s comfortable for different types of patients without facing any hindrance any middle of the night.  You can also see information about your apnea events every hour because it has a detailed data usage feature. There is an optional humidifier feature that delivers humidification throughout the night without compromising flow rate, room temperature, and external humidity.  You get the standard hose but can upgrade to the heated hose.  Other features include

  • DreamMapper app so that you can access  information like AHI, leaks, and apneas you experience
  • You get to enjoy a restful sleep with its quiet technology. It is the most silent CPAP machine 
  • It is having an auto-adjusting system  that saves your time
  • Flex comfort feature offers pressure relief when you exhale in the beginning while softening transitions from every breath.
  • Use distilled water in the humidifier
  • If you have been using low CPAP pressure then this machine is ideal for you
  • There are 2 filters one is disposable and it is reusable

3. Respironics Philips Remstar Auto A-Flex CPAP

Respironics Philips Remstar Auto A-Flex CPAP is the new model by Philips and uses an auto PAP technology algorithm that is controlled from machine to mask offering a comfortable sleep. The package includes one 60series auto CPAP machine, power supply, and cord, reusable foam filter, SD memory card, and travel case. Respironics Philips Remstar Auto A-Flex CPAP is approved by FAA and can be used in commercial flights. There is FAA approved label so that you can make easy identification. Its features are as below

  • Advanced and Modern Design
  • A-Flex Technology for Pressure Relief while Exhaling
  • LCD Display for on-screen data
  • System One Resistance Control
  • Heated Tubing  can be Integrated(optional)
  • Heated Humidifier (optional)

To create ultimate sleep and comfort you can buy Respironics Philips Remstar Auto A-Flex CPAP. It’s completely automatic and one step ahead of other PAP machines. For example, its on-screen display helps you collect data that you can share with your doctor for effective treatment. It is extremely easy to maintain as well as assemble. You are going to get 2 years warranty with this product.

4. BMC GII Auto CPAP Machine

BMC GII Auto CPAP Machine is having all the advanced features that help users operate the device with efficiency and ease.  There is a wide range of features like auto altitude, auto-adjusting, heated humidifier, and leak compensation, etc.  The goal of this product is to offer positive pressure for exhaling and inhaling. It comes with a hose and humidifier with the option to pick from an F2 facial mask & the iVolve N2 nasal mask. It can be used for both clinical therapy as well as a home therapy for sleep apnea. Its CPAP full mask assists you in breathing comfortably while you sleep. It is having features like

  • Auto Mode to Adjust Pressures
  • Titration mode and CPAP mode
  • Apnea Sensitivity Adjustment
  • SD card 4GB
  • Quiet Technology <30dB
  • Remote Sleep Data Reports using iCodes
  • The Large 2.4-inch color Screen
  • Auto Airflow Start & Stop
  • Mask Removal Alarm

BMC GII Auto CPAP Machine gives you a smooth interface, ergonomic button design for an easy and practical experience. It also houses Eco Smart heating system with 2 water chambers for precise water amount and real-time compensation.

5. Simon's Resmart Auto Cpap

Simon's Resmart Auto Cpap

Every CPAP machine is having something great to offer and it’s not untrue when we talk about Simon's Resmart Auto Cpap.  This machine comes with advanced sensor technology that tracks the respiratory status of the users.  It is having smart controls that provide users with reliable therapy when it comes to OSA. It is also fitted with advanced tracking technology that makes sure you get comfortable as well as accurate therapy for your condition. There are unique settings systems that provide an algorithm for therapy and make sure you are in complete comfort with this product.  It is also having automatic on and off in case of accidental power off.  You can get treatment information with just one button of the previous day. It is also having an audible real-time alert for mask /tube leak, quiet operation.  You are going to get both a full mask and humidifier and a free nasal washer. Its features also include

  • Color screen on/off
  • Auto Adjustments for Pressure Therapy Range
  • Audio Alerts
  • 3-year Warranty

These are the 5 most recommended as well as top-rated CPAP and APAP machines in India in which you can invest.  There are many other models which you can check out online and compare their features to buy the best one for your needs. Sleep apnea issues can be dangerous for your overall health so make sure that you are taking immediate action to fight it with the aid of the best CPAP machine in India.


How does the CPAP Machine Works?

CPAP machines are among the most common and recommended treatment for sleep apnea and are also effective. If you have been prescribed CPAP then you must know how this device works so you can understand will this treatment work for them or not. Well, getting started with its work; the CPAP device is having the motor in the compressor of the machine which generates pressurized air stream consistently which moves through the air filter to reach the tube. Then this tube passes purified air into the mask which is sealed around the nose and mouth so that you can breathe all the purified air. CPAP pushes all the blockages while you are sleeping, opening airways giving plenty of oxygen to your lungs.  When you are able to breathe properly and nothing obstructs the oxygen flow, you do not experience any pause. When this happens you do not get up frightened and enjoy a good night's sleep.

The working of the CPAP device is very simple, yet it's a very powerful and effective device that is designed to free you from sleep disorders.

Basic Components of CPAP Machine

Well, there are different types of CPAP machines, but their basic components are all similar which are

  • A Cushioned Mask
  • A Motor housed in a Base Unit
  • Elbow that works as Joint
  • The tube that Joins the Motor to Mask
  • A Headgear Frame
  • Adjustable Straps
Components of CPAP Machine

Benefits of using a CPAP Machine

First of all the major benefit, you are going to get after using CPAP is that you will never get up in the middle of the night startling due to lack of oxygen. The use will deliver a consistent supply of oxygen while you are sleeping which will prevent breathing interruptions. The benefits are going to increase with the regular use of CPAP machines.

  • Your sleeping ability is improved with time
  • You will start enjoying good night sleep without waking up
  • Lowers risk of stroke, heart attack, and cardiovascular disease
  • Reduces Blood Pressure
  • Reduce Cholesterol and Glucose

There are few drawbacks as well like dry mouth, nosebleed, nasal congestion, etc. However, these cons will be eliminated with time. So, there are auto CPAP machines as well which are prescribed and recommended to patients with sleep apnea but is slightly different from CPAP machine. Below is a brief description of APAP, CPAP, and their difference

Auto CPAP Machine

APAP is a treatment therapy for sleep apnea disorders and if you are among the patients you might have heard about it. APAP-automatic positive airway pressure helps in breathing while you sleep. Like other positive airway pressure machines, it is also having masks designed to deliver pressurized air to keep the airways open so that you can sleep properly.

How Does it Work?

The machine delivers air pressure which acts as a splint that keeps the throat safe from collapsing itself so that breathing can be normalized throughout your sleep without any apnea.  There are 2 settings with PAPA, high/low-pressure settings that allow operating it automatically to meet the patient's needs. We change our positions at night, moves which are different sleeping stages and positions. APAP automatic functions help with different sleep stages.

Is it the Right Choice?

There are multiple studies found that says APAP is the most reliable device and can adjust proactively than reactively. It is a flexible choice and this therapy works best for any patient, but if you have chronic heart disease it is not the right choice for you.

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CPAP & APAP Machine for Sleep Apnea : The Difference {Comparison}

The major difference between the two is how the air pressure is administered. CPAP is having fixed pressure and it is determined with an in-lab titration sleep study. The motive of this study is to reach a pressure setting where patients show a reduction in respiratory events, good quality of sleep, etc. with consequent oxygen flow users can breathe properly. On the other hand, APAP is having different pressure settings and patients get auto-adjusted breathing settings. Today you are also going to find CPAP machines having 30 day APAP mode.

Comparison of CPAP & APAP Machine
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There is immense information available out there; however, the majority of them are coming from the manufactures of the CPAP machines. This type of information is not based on researches and clinical studies.  Make sure you are getting confused and receiving information from your doctors only. Also, CPAP and APAP machines are not ideal treatments and therapy for all patients. You must buy CPAP and APAP machines only if it is prescribed by your doctors after getting the history of your disease.  For instance, patients with lung disease, heart failure, obesity hypoventilation syndrome, and central sleep apnea are strictly apprehended for CPAP machine use.


Best Handicap Scooters in India 2022 [Mobility Scooters]

Best Handicap Scooters In India 2022: Get An Ideal Aid!

Have you ever heard about a mobility scooter? Mobility Scooters are a great alternative for those who are suffering from disability in their movement but still are active. These scooters are suitable for a variety of health conditions including severe arthritis or stroke. Using a mobility scooter, a disabled person can get more sense of liberation as he or she can walk away and do their day-to-day activities on their own, without any external help. These scooters have emerged as an alternative for those people who need a wheelchair or other equipment. With a mobility scooter, a disabled individual can contribute to a more active lifestyle.

Best Handicap Scooters in India


Mobility Scooters and Their Needs

These scooters are proven blessings for disabled people as they provide them with a great sense of freedom and confidence. Moving around independently becomes easy for elderly and disabled people if they have a mobility scooter. Handicap Scooters are designed with a simple mechanism, where a seat is placed over the wheels and these are run by batteries placed under the seats. Batteries used in these scooters are rechargeable in nature. To add more comfort levels for a rider, there is an extendable footrest, giving them a chance to rest their legs in an easy and comfortable position.

The primary purpose of a handicapped scooter is to bring comfort to the people’s movement who have any kind of disability. These scooters have made the life of such people easy and more convenient as they can do their daily chores, ranging from picking up groceries, to visiting their friends and doctors, and many other activities.

Easy Move Medium Handicap Mobility Scooter

There are many brands offering Mobility Scooters all over the world. If you want to buy a mobility scooter in India, then the most popular and renowned brand is Easy Move. The company provides state-of-the art quality and CE-certified handicap scooters and power wheelchairs in India. These vehicles are used for outdoor and indoor purposes. They provide the most stable and safe handicap vehicles to ease their movement from one place to another and fulfill their daily needs. The specialty of this brand is that they offer only environmental friendly vehicles for senior citizens and elderly people.

Using these products, you will bring independence and freedom back into your life. There are different models offered by this brand catering to different needs and requirements of disabled people, as well as elderly citizens. One can choose the best model according to their budget and preferences. Going to the official website of this brand is the best idea to know more about the models and products offered by them.

Easy Move Medium Handicap Mobility Scooter is one of the best models of this brand and it is a medium-sized comfortable mobility vehicle when it comes to the range of the Easy Move. One can utilize it for outdoor and indoor use. It can be considered as an ideal replacement for a Side Wheel Attachment Scooter. Its features include:

  • Easy operation and fashionable design
  • Comfortable seat 360 degrees rotation
  • Seat forward/backward adjustable
  • Front suspension
  • Fully electrical or zero-emission
  • High intensity LED front and rear lighting
  • UK controller

Easy Move Small Handicap Mobility Scooter

Do you need a small mobility scooter to handle easily and safely? If yes, then Easy Move Small Handicap Mobility Scooter is the best option. This brand offers a variety of models when it comes to mobility scooters in India. You will get the below-mentioned features with this model:

  • One of the simplest models that can be simply installed. You can install it on your own, but if you need professional support for installation, then charges are applicable.
  • It comes with a UK controller feature.
  • It is a lightweight electric handicap scooter, which means that it can be easily taken from one place to another which makes maneuverability more comfortable.
  • The tires used in this mobility scooter comprised of pneumatic technology
  • It is a fully electrical mobility scooter with a zero-emission ability

Getting Easy Move Small handicap mobility scooter is an easy step as it is made available online at various retailer stores on the web. Due to its small-sized feature, it has become a highly popular and rated mobility scooter in India. Talking about the Easy Move Mobility Scooter range, it is one of the excellent performance-based vehicles you can opt for.

It supports both indoor and outdoor applications. If you go outside very often, then choosing this mobility scooter from Easy Move should be your call as it is much more safe and convenient to use than a motorized wheelchair. You can learn about its features online or by going to the official website of Easy Move.

Easy Move Two-seater Handicap Mobility Scooter

Two-seater mobility scooters are designed for those who are senior citizens or disabled, getting old with their disability, but still want to live their life with excitement and add spark to their boring life. With these 2-seater mobility scooters, they will get a pleasant ride every time. Of course, many models have plenty of storage so that you can keep your things with you while enjoying the ride.

Different companies offer a wide range of two-seater models. But when it comes to a performance-driven 2-seater mobility scooter, then Easy Move Two-seater handicap mobility scooter comes into your picture. Its features include:

  • It has a comfortable seating option, which means that it can rotate up to 360 degrees
  • It is equipped with back and front suspension
  • Fully electrical or zero-emission makes it an environment-friendly option
  • It comes with a UK controller and air tires of 13 inches
  • It is compact in size suitable for 2 people driving
  • Both seats can be adjusted in a backward or forward direction
  • It has an easy operation and fashionable design
  • It has an air spring with a quick adjustable angle tiller
  • It provides a high-intensity LED rear and front lighting feature
  • It has aluminum rims
  • It gives a long range of around 45km once it gets fully charged
  • It features a strong rear and front PU bumper

If you want to get this 2-seater model by Easy Move, just go online and make sure you compare its prices at different online portals so that you can get value for your money.

Mobility Scooters

As Handicap Scooters are beneficial for many people, but it is important to buy the right one based on your needs and preferences. With a number of mobility scooters in the marketplace, you may deal with some problems while choosing the right one. Going online and comparing different options is the best way to pick up the best handicap scooter in India. Check out different options of mobility scooters available:

  • Portable Travel Mobility Scooter

This option is ideal for frequent travelers, who travel frequently. Portable travel scooters are lightweight and compact. These are also known as foldable scooters, making them easier for transport. A portable mobility scooter can be easily moved from one place to another and can fit in tight spaces. Since it is the least expensive option, but for everyday use, you should not buy it.

  • Indoor Three-wheel Scooter

If a person needs a mobility scooter for home or office purposes, then it is the right thing to go with. This mobility scooter provides a tighter turning radius and has a narrow base. In limited spaces, these scooters are suitable for movements. Make sure you know that you should not consider its purchase when it comes to traversing rugged outdoor terrain.

  • Indoor Four-wheel Scooter

Comfortability is the major benefit of this type of scooter. The best thing about this scooter is that it provides sufficient seat size and legroom. It features a good battery life and rides at a good speed. As it has a large size, it will not move as easily as a three wheel scooter. But you will get enhanced stability and durability.

  • Outdoor Four-wheel Scooter

These have large motors and heavy-duty tires, which make them an ideal option for unpaved surface applications. One can consider it for outdoor usage because of backlit displays and headlights. 

Heavy-duty Scooter: It is good for larger framed individuals, having a weight capacity of 550 pounds. It features a wider base, a bigger motor, and big tires. If you want to ride on grass or any type of terrain, go for it.

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Electric Mobility Scooter {Buying Guide}

While buying an electric mobility scooter, there are many things you need to look for. Comfortability and maneuverability are of greater importance. Electric scooters do not rely on manual efforts to move. Check out the below-mentioned features to look for in an electric handicap scooter:

  • Assembled Weight

Upon the time of assembling, a mobility scooter weighs vary widely that may range From 40 kg to120 Kg. it should be assembled and transported easily, meaning it must be lightweight.

  • Ground Clearance

It is defined as the space between the undercarriage and the base of the tire. If there is a low clearance, it means that it is going to offer a stable ride. For outdoor uses, higher clearance is required to prevent damage to the scooter’s bottom. So, make sure you know for what purpose you need a mobility scooter.

  • The Type of the Tire

It must be solid, foam-filled, or air-filled.

  • Maximum Recommended Incline:

This defines the amount of an incline, with which a mobility scooter can climb safely. If you are considering the purchase of a mobility scooter for exit ramps and outdoor sidewalks, then this factor needs to be considered.

Performance is another thing to take into account. Once you compare different models of electric Handicap Scooters from various brands, then ensure you go through the performance of every scooter. The performance of an electric mobility scooter depends on the below-mentioned factors:

  • Weight Capacity:

Based on the manufacturer, how much weight an electric mobility scooter can safely manage to carry?

  • Operating Range:

It is defined as the distance a scooter can travel once gets charged a single time, which may vary from 8 to 15 miles.

  • Maximum Speed

The fastest speed an electric mobility scooter can ride is typically 4-5.5 mph.

  • Battery Charge Time:

How much time a scooter takes to recharge its batter once it gets completely drained, which may vary from as little as two hours to overnight. 

  • Warranty is also a vital thing that you should not overlook.

Different brands offer an extensive range of electric mobility scooters at cheaper prices. You just go online and go through the prices of electric mobility scooters along with their features.

4 Wheel Electric Scooter in India

There may be two options when it comes to choosing an electric mobility scooter, such as a 3-wheel and a 4-wheel mobility scooter. If we talk about the improved stability, a 4-wheel electric mobility scooter is much better than 3 wheeled scooters. 4 wheel scooters are configured much like vehicles with 4 wheels such as 2 for steering in the front and 2 drive wheels in the back. This is why it becomes more comfortable, stable, and ideal for managing a variety of terrains, such as short stretches and curbs of gravel or grass.

Four-wheel Mobility Scooters are beneficial for those who may deal with poor balance. Due to their intensive uses, these are often faster, larger and capable of longer distances. These are most expensive than the three-wheeled counterparts. But there are some drawbacks too, such as these are less maneuverable or may not be, based on the unit’s size, good for use on public transport or indoor areas. Another feature of a 4-wheel mobility scooter is its lightweight that can be moved more easily than heavy-duty mobility scooters. Providing maximum comfort is its excellent feature, as its deep seat cushion can be adjusted without any hassle.

Before purchasing any of them, it is important to consider benefits for every type. Consider your preferences and needs before buying. Comparing both of them online will give you a complete idea and eliminates your confusion about what you need or what you must buy that suits your situation.

Electric Scooter for Disabled in India

For handicapped individuals, confinement can be the most depressing situation that they can experience. Nobody wants to get restricted in a room for a long time, especially when it is not necessary. Of course, there are walkers and other equipment, which are a great tool for those who have balance problems or requiring more support. When it comes to long distances, walkers are not enough, they require more than that. This is why electric mobility scooters came into existence. The benefits of an electric mobility scooter in India are:

  • Give a sense of independence to handicapped or disabled persons
  • Provide safety to disabled people from falling that walkers may not
  • These are perfect for longer distances, with which they feel confident and independent
  • Disabled people do not exert more, exertion is becoming more challenging for them. A mobility scooter gives extended help to those who have disabilities in the legs or upper body, weak upper body strength.
  • With these scooters, a disabled person can keep themselves more mobile
  • The major reason for a disabled person to choose an electric mobility scooter is faster healing and recovery. As a handicapped person will go outside and stay mobile, then he/she will recover faster as a scooter can keep strain off the body, joints, and muscles.

Tips to buy an Electric Mobility Scooter

Getting expert suggestions will give you additional help while buying a handicapped scooter. But there are some valuable tips that you can consider while its buying, it will be of greater support to you. These are:

  • Think about the storage area, where you want to store it
  • Decide what type of mobility scooter you require
  • Know your personal needs like whether you want to have extra legroom or seat. Consider weight restrictions also
  • Make sure you are familiar with the fact where you will be going to use this scooter
  • How many wheels you would like to have in a mobility scooter and what type of wheels you want? It depends on where you want to ride it like pavement, terrains, indoor areas, etc.
  • How far do you need to take a mobility scooter? Check the distance you need to cover it. Whether you want it for daily or occasional use. While considering its range, other factors like the age of the battery and your weight are also important to keep in mind.
  • It would be good if you shop around and get its trial before its purchase. Once you are happy and satisfied with its trial, then you should buy it.
  • Compare the prices both online and offline. These days, considering the online shopping can help you save money.
  • While ordering a mobility scooter, you may ask some questions to a dealer, supplier, or retailer. These questions may include its warranty, assembling procedure, time of delivery, how to arrange repairs if needed.
  • Last but not the least, insurance also plays a great role while buying it. Some manufacturers offer an insurance cover, which may accidentally damage, theft, and public liability.

Online reviews are also helpful to you, you may read them. With this proper guide, one can get a valuable piece of a mobility scooter, buy it now.