Best Semi Fowler Bed in India 2022

Best Semi Flower Bed in India : Detailed Guide on Hospital Beds

Semi flower beds are also known as adjustable beds and can be adjusted according to the preferred position.  Semi flower beds are mostly used in hospitals where different patients have different postures and sleeping needs.  People who cannot sit in certain positions generally use adjustable beds. Bed-ridden people are also candidates of semi flower beds. This bed helps them in sleeping more comfortably. They are also comfortable if the patient needs to sit and watch TV or read a book.

Adjustable beds are designed according to the human body structure and can be adjusted according to the posture. These beds are manufactured to offer the utmost relaxation and comfort to the patients.  Adjustable beds are made with durable material and can take a weight of about 600 pounds. They are light in weight and can be easily placed anywhere at home. It is also easy to move.

Best Semi Fowler Bed in India


Styles of the Semi Flower Bed

There are two designs of semi flower bed which is heavy duty and standard. There are two components which are a base and two mattresses. You cannot use an ordinary mattress as it is designed to make adjustments. It can be elevated from the head and can also be elevated from the lower part. Mattresses of adjustable beds are also designed to suit the curves of the human body. It helps in spinal alignment and relieves stress on the different parts of the body.

There are different kinds of semi flower available in the Indian market. You can choose them according to your requirements. Different patients have different needs so make sure to choose accordingly.  People who are permanently bed-ridden must have an appropriate bed or their body can be sore and can get worse. Here is some of the best semi flower bed explained below. You can buy a semi flower bed according to your requirements and budget.

List of Top 5 Best Semi Fowler Beds in India

1. P.M.P.S. Electrical/Motorized Semi Fowler ABS Hospital Bed

P.M.P.S. hospital bed provides comfort to the patient while he is lying on the bed. It can also help in improving back condition. Many issues can be treated using this brand hospital bed. It is having many features which are designed to keep the condition of patients in mind.

For the patient at homecare and in hospitals, it is critical to choose a hospital bed. Flower beds are adjustable beds and can be operated manually as well. After surgery, your patient will need a comfortable bed and there is no better option than P.M.P.S. Electrical/Motorized Semi Fowler bed. Its features are as mentioned below

  • It is having a head elevation feature which is excellent if you are taking care of the patient at home.
  • There are guard rails on both sides of the bed. Rails are made with aluminum
  • If you are having spine issues, bedridden, aged group, and excessive weight patient.
  • It has dimensions
  • 78x36x18 inches
  • You will get a combo pack  of two mattresses and an electric bed

PMPS is a recognizable brand in India for supplying hospital beds. You can trust the quality and performance of Electrical/Motorized Semi Fowler.

2. P.M.P.S. Combo Pack of Semi Fowler (DLX) Bed

If you are in hospital or at home after illness one most important thing that you will need is a hospital bed. If you are looking forward to updating your hospital beds then P.M.P.S. Combo Pack of Semi Fowler (DLX) Bed.

Is the best deal you can go for? It is the right brand with the right products that will offer sound sleep and comfort to the patient. This bed is adjustable and one can easily move the patient. It is perfect with the body structure and can be inclined to any position you desire. There are no mechanical parts in this bed and this is what ensures comfort. It is having features such as

  • Its dimensions are 78x36x18 inches
  • There are detachable and drop down side guard rails
  • It is an adjustable commode bed for bedridden patients
  • The two mattress sections have a lid cover and commode hole

You are going to get an excellent quality bed with the brand. It is designed using technology and quality material. There are different online shopping platforms where you can order this product online. This bed is certainly preferred by the patients because of the comfort it provides in medical discomfort.

3. SSL Sarvagya Surgical Semi Fowler Single Function Manual Bed

It is an advanced model with controls present on both sides of the beds. This is one advanced model which you will get online for sale. It can perfectly support the spine and also relieves pressure on the back. Nothing can match sound sleep benefits so it should be chosen with care.

SSL Sarvagya Surgical Semi Fowler Single Function Manual Bed is best for aged people, surgery aftercare, and other conditions. Its features include

  • There are customizable options available with the model
  • Its dimension is 2.1x0.9x0.6 meters
  • The weight of the bed is 40 kilograms

There are amazing features of the SSL Sarvagya Surgical Semi Fowler Single Function Manual Bed and is excellent for ordinary use. Can be placed in hospitals as well as at homes. Various features can be added to this adjustable bed.  Materials and technology have quite advanced when it comes to medical equipment. In case of body strain, insomnia and stress this bed can be used. It is very light in weight.

4. P.M.P.S. Semi Fowler Dlx Manual Hospital Bed

It is one of the most well-known semi-fowler beds that you can consider to buy. P.M.P.S. Semi Fowler Dlx Manual Hospital Bed is an ideal option to consider when it comes to patients who are bedridden. There is a presence of panels on foot and head with locking features.

You will also get one smooth foldable manual handle located at the foot end of the bed. So, if you need a semi-fowler bed in an affordable price range, then P.M.P.S. Semi Fowler Dlx Manual Hospital Bed is the right to go for.

While buying P.M.P.S. Semi Fowler Dlx Manual Hospital Bed, it is important to consider its features so that you can come to know about its worth. Its features are:

  • It offers comfortable height for patients, which they can adjust accordingly
  • It is a one function bed and can be operated with manual handles
  • It also has head-end elevation to offer
  • You will also get different accessories at the time of purchase like ABS Head-Foot Board
  • It comes with a 4-inch comfortable mattress for patients whether they are old or youngsters

5. SSL SARVAGYA SURGICAL Semi Fowler Manual Hospital Bed

It is also one of the best semi flower brands in India in which you can invest. You can trust the quality of the product because of the credibility of its brand. SSL SARVAGYA SURGICAL Semi Fowler Manual Hospital Bed is a manually operated adjustable bed that can be used by patients. It seems to be used for single functioning. It can be adjusted according to the patient’s preferences and needs. It is available with an exciting range of features, which are listed below:

  • Comfortability is the main feature of this bed from a known brand in the market
  • It operates manually and offers head-end elevation
  • The brand provides different accessories like ABS head-foot board
  • The mattress is available with this model of 4 inches to provide comfort to patients

SSL SARVAGYA SURGICAL Semi Fowler Manual Hospital Bed has a head and foot panel and these panels can be locked with locking and corner buffer features. There are 2 manual handles that can be folded to give a smooth experience and these handles are present at the foot end of this bed’s model. Look online for its cheaper price on different online websites or directly contacting the manufacturer.

Semi Fowler Bed with Side Rails

The main purpose of a semi fowler bed is to help patients in adjusting the positions they want to rest comfortably. People who have medical conditions, which require them to sleep in particular positions rely on semi-fowler beds. In fact, these beds are used by those who are completely or temporarily bedridden so that they can sleep in a comfort zone.

The best part about Semi Fowler Beds is that they come with a side railing option. These side railings are already attached to the beds. Sometimes, if you have an old model of an adjustable bed and you need a railing option, then you can buy it individually and fix it to a bed easily. But nowadays, almost all models of semi-fowler beds come with railings, sometimes there are 2 or 4.

The benefits of such beds with rails include:

  • They help patients (elders, youngsters, or kids) to prevent from falling. While taking rest after surgeries or during any medical condition, those hours can trigger serious health conditions and problems that may be related to breathing and circulation. This is where they need support and rails are an ideal way.
  • Rails help patients to reposition and turn themselves easily at any time.
  • The rails attached to semi-fowler beds are designed to provide control for pushing up out of the bed. Rails act as a handhold option to help patients when they want to stand up.
  • Semi-fowler beds with rails also provide comfort and reassurance related to safety concerns.

Semi Fowler Bed with Mattress

Today, the latest models of semi-fowler beds have adjustable mattresses provided. These mattresses are modern and innovative mattresses, which make use of advanced manufacturing techniques. These mattresses are particularly created for semi-fowler beds. The main thing to be familiar with is that these mattresses are made in parts and while assembling them, proper care has been taken and rigorous testing has been done to ensure reliability and long life.

No matter whether a semi-fowler bed needs to be used in hospitals, for mobility purposes, or home care, such mattresses provide comfortable features. These adjustable mattresses are the best option when it comes to maximum utility outcomes. Such mattresses are engineered to bend.

A polypropylene net and a flexing insulator are placed over the spring system with the motive of isolating it from adjoining layers. In addition, a garnered synthetic fiber pad is put on the top of the flexing insulator. After that, multiple layers of high-grade non-allergenic foam cushioning are added. It is also covered with a decorator cover of high-quality fabric either natural cotton or polyester mix.

The benefits of semi-fowler beds with mattresses are mentioned below:

  • Decreased skin temperature
  • Higher blood-oxygen content
  • Gives healthy sleep
  • Proper spinal support
  • Eliminate pressure points

Manufacturers provide mattresses of different types having a variety of sections, thickness, density, and materials used. One can check the size and material of the mattress before buying it with a hospital bed for a medical facility or home use. Semi-fowler beds with adjustable mattresses are recommended by professional athletes and chiropractors.

Semi Fowler Bed with abs Panel

Semi-fowler beds are air-filled with separate pockets that are also filled with air. As it has no solid mechanical parts, it adjusts ideally to the shape of your body that gives all the support you need to have a restful and calm sleep. These days, most manufacturers deal in Semi Fowler Bed with abs Panel.

While looking for a semi-fowler bed, make sure to check the panels. On the web, you can check out lots of hospital bed manufacturers, who manufacture, supply, distribute, wholesale, trade, and retail semi-fowler beds of different styles, designs, and sizes.

They provide adjustable beds in compliance with global quality standards. You can avail any of the Semi Fowler Bed with abs Panel in different specifications like framework, safety side railings, 2 or 4 sections, backrest or knee rest positioning systems, mounting feature, etc. Some features of Semi Fowler Bed with abs Panel include:

  • ABS tuck away side railing for safety purposes
  • ABS molded foot and head panels
  • A bed can be mounted with a braking system
  • Adjustable and comfortable mattresses

So, if you are interested in buying a modern Semi Fowler Bed with an abs Panel, go online and look for hospital bed manufacturers and suppliers dealing in such types of beds. Contact them and get quotes to get a fair price. Make sure you crosscheck each and everything before ordering any Semi Fowler Bed with an abs Panel. They provide complete details about these beds on their websites. Just go through them and then make your decision.

How to Choose a Semi Flower Hospital Bed?

Adjustable beds are the gift of technology and extremely beneficial as compared to a traditional hospital bed. Today they are available in a variety to pick according to individual needs. There are two mattresses used in semi-flower beds making reclining easy. There are different options like

  • Battery back up
  • Electric semi flower beds 
  • Hand controls
  • Remote control
  • Wireless controls
  • Massage and heat feature

Today hospital beds are available in the most advanced features that make them ideal for the care of patients. There are additional foam mattresses available for more comfort. Foam mattresses allow equal pressure on the body and help relieving hips, back, legs and knees. Today you can easily get informatory about the features of hospital beds. You can compare different brands and features to get the right bed for your patient.

Why buy a semi flower bed?

There are millions of people who are taking benefits of semi flower beds. These needs are not limited to hospitals, but people dealing with stress or strain in the body can also use these beds. It can improve blood circulation and stress on your lower back. It has reclined feature which provides more comfort. 

Today both manual and electric flower beds are available with Indian manufacturers. There are well-recognized Indian brands from where you can buy semi flower beds at a reasonable cost. There are numerous medical conditions in which semi-flower beds can prove helpful.

Final Verdict

Semi flower beds can highly improve the condition of the patients. You can provide extreme relief to the patient with a proper selection of semi-flower beds. Look for the Indian manufacture to get the best hospital bed for your patient. There is a huge selection available and you will find an ideal semi flower bed for your loved ones.

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